Loudspeaker hum from SN3

Hi everyone,

my SN3 arrived a few days ago and instantly produced quite a loud buzzing in the speakers (not the transformer) audible from several meters. The buzz increases to a max when the volume is at 12 o’clock and then starts to lower again as I continue pushing the volume towards the max.

I’ve tried to look for similar questions on the forum but most humming/buzzing seems to be transformer related, not heard through the speakers.

Two hours before setting it up, I listened to the amp at the dealer’s and there was no buzzing at all. I’m using the amp with a Node 2i and Metrum DAC. The Node doesn’t have an earth connection, I think.

Any ideas about what could be creating the noise ? And how to fix that ?

Unrelated, but the amp lost its right channel 5 days in, so it was returned for service. This leaves me a bit of time to look at solutions. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


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I had the same with my xs2 and sn3. All you need to fix this is to run a separate earth wire from the earthing point on the rear of the amp (knurled screw type thingy) to the earth on a plug that is plugged into the wall socket. Cured my issue instantly.
Good luck!

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It does sound like an earthing issue. It may help to know what else is plugged into it

The node is a known issue with earthing on supernait. Search on here and you will find the lead you need to earth the node to the nait

I had the same hum issue when I had a node 2i with my xs2.
I made up a USB to mains plug lead…earth pin only and plugged it into the USB socket on rear of node.
Hum went.

Guys, thank you all very much! I will try your suggestions as soon as the amp is returned to me :smile:

Have a great weekend.

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