Loudspeakers for NAP 180

I’ m a new member of this forum.
The time has come to change my old Sonus Faber Concertino speakers, and I wanted to ask: based on your experience, which tower speakers can I consider to be combined with my system? The system consists of NAC 72, NAP 180, CD3.5 and Flatcap. The budget is at most € 800 for a pair of used speakers.
Thank you

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SBLs are excellent if you can find a nice pair, and have a good solid wall for them.


PMC GB1s are a good match with a 72/180 combo and can be picked up for about £600 on the used market. Being transmission line they not as fussy about positioning. I’ve used mine in free space and now hard against a wall.


Thank you, I will consider these speakers.

Thank you, I did not know this speaker, I see that in Italy at the moment there are none for sale. But I’ll try to find some.
The problem is the uneven plan of my room, so versatile and undemanding speakers (from the point of view of placement) would be ideal.

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Hi Alberto,

Naim Allaes are an incredible used bargain which would match very nicely with your set I think. They were available in maple, cherry and black as standard finishes.

Please let us know how it goes.



Ive heard many different proac speakers with naim kit and never heard a set I didn’t like. They are definitely worth a listen and can be bought used quite cheap now.

Also, a bit off topic but have you listened to a hicap on the 72? It was a major leap in performance on my 72/180 when I owned it.


And Rosewood but these are rare

The only image of a Rosewood Allae I could find online!!

Allaes will work very well with a NAP180


^^ Thanks, good stuff. I had wrongly thought rosewood was special order only. Alberto now has the facts about the super Allaes.


Thank you, I add Proac to my list! Do you have a specific model to suggest me?

Sure, you are right. I am also thinking about buying a Hicap and sell my flatcap.

Thank you, These are really beautiful!

Here is the summary of the suggested speakers:

Naim Audio Alles
Naim Audio
Proac (I don’t know what model)

I read also about Totem Arro and Focal.

In your opinion, which of these has the warmest and most musical sound?
I hope I can hear some of them before buying.

One of the hardest things to get right when building a system is matching the speaker to the room. To achieve this in a way that matches your personal taste you really need a home demo, and any dealer who will allow this is worth talking to.
On the used market, you may not have this option, but loudspeaker depreciation is often high, certainly compared to many Naim amps, and it may be worth taking a chance, knowing that if a speaker doesn’t work you can sell it on, perhaps making a small loss or profit on the way. For me the key thing is to do your research, take your time and enjoy the ride.


Ive got the d38 which are fantastic but probably a bit much for a 180. Ive heard the d28 which impressed me too, and also the studio 140 but again not with a 180. Ive also heard their studio 100, d2 and tablettes which are all stand mounted speakers. I liked all that I heard so proac seem to go really well with naim.

When I had my 72/hicap/180 I actually used Epos es11’s then es14’s then heard the proac tablette and the proac studio 100’s. Trouble is that all of these are standmount, but the studio 100 was a head and shoulders above the rest.


In fact, it’s very important that I expect to have the opportunity to resell the speakers in case I don’t like them. I’m in no rush to replace my speakers, but it’s nice to be able to do this research. Thank you!

Thanks, now I have a lot of information that I will need to consult to make the right choice. Thanks for your suggestions. I hope I can hear some of them.

Why not keep the flatcap?

I use CD3.5 with flatcap, through 82/Hicap/180. Previously I had a 72 instead of the 82.

I would only sell it for the tight budget, but if I can find a cheap hicap, I might keep the flatcap as well.

It would be helpful to detail your music room in size; width - length - height?

Is there plenty of room for a speaker than needs space away from corners or walls, or would you benefit from a boundary type speaker that needs to perform best close-up to a wall?

what floor coverings; fitted carpets, wood, tiles, rugs?
and what are the walls and floor made of; brick, stone, timber wood frame stud and plasterboard?


Another vote for Allaes here, I love my 102, HiCap, 180, Allae set up.