Loudspeakers for NAP 180

I use the Neat Elite SE with my NAP180 and they sound fantastic. I’ve just had a look and there are several pairs of the Elite SX (the newer model) on eBay within your budget.

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Why has that time come? Many of the suggestions (whilst all very worthy) have very different characteristics to a typical SF speaker … if it’s a floorstander required for aesthetic reasons only, and you love those you already have, don’t forget to try some SF along the way. :slight_smile: … happy listening.

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Right questions.
Unfortunately the room has an irregular layout. I am attaching a drawing with the measurements to give an idea. The left speaker does not have a close wall.
The speakers are currently close to the back walls for space reasons.
The floor is entirely parquet without carpets.
The walls are brick, covered with plaster.

The SF Concertinos seem to struggle a little in this new home.

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Thank you! I add them to the list.

I’ve owned these speakers since 1993 and I like the sound, but in my new home they seem to struggle a little. The sound is pleasant, but a little dull.
the aesthetic aspect is of no importance. I’m interested in the sound aspect.

That’s good to hear - (as you didn’t say why you only wanted “tower” speakers I thought it must be for reasons of aesthetics) - so a world of choices then - so many out there I wouldn’t know where to begin - I’d find a dealer with a good choice of bargains and try to narrow it down a bit … then try them at home. You’ve already found that what suits one room won’t always suit another - enjoy the search, and good luck.

If the wall behind the ‘Buffet’ is a brick and plaster wall then that’s an ideal situation for SBLs. It’s a fine cosy triangle to the sofa sweet spot, and with a 72 - 180 - SBL system should sound superbly detailed in lean fast bass. SBLs would be close to the wall giving the room a far less cluttered feel.

I’m not actually sure what your room Buffet is exactly (?) but if it could be moved into the corner by the door then the audio rack could go in-between speakers (?) or better still move the buffet down south of picture the other side of the table and chairs (?) …and put the audio rack in the corner by door with some distance between audio and speakers - longer naca5 maybe required but this is what i’d do :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, here goes my two pence of help, like yourself I have just rebuilt a system I owned some 25 years ago, which now comprises of a 72/180, cdx which was serviced by naim last year and gb1 speakers, placement of the speakers in my small living room 12x13 is definitely not critical they work well out or close to the wall, personally I prefer several inches out, to nearly complete the set up I have just purchased a lp12 with ittock and asaka, now all I need is the hi cap, hope this helps and can recommend the gb1 speakers with this set up, regards and good luck on this journey, Neil.


Thanks for your reply!

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Slowly I am making small movements of the speakers and the situation has improved slightly. However, following the advice of some of you, I bought a hicap. Unfortunately, however, it does not have its own manual and I have doubts about the connection: from output n. 4 I connect the Nac 72. How do I connect the NAP180? Can anyone help me?
thanks in advance

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Good call Debs. I used a 180 with SBLs years ago with good results.


There are connection instructions on the main naim website under classic series/hicap/downloads. Just looked at them but not as helpful as I remember the old ones being. Looks like 4 is to pre amp. Not sure about power amp.


This is how my 72/HC/180 set is connected…

From NAC72 (right end socket 5-pin, labelled “Output to Hi-Cap”) to Hi-Cap (socket 4, 5-pin) using a Naim SNAIC5 cable.

From Hi-Cap (socket 2, 4-pin) to NAP180 (only has one 4-pin socket) using a Naim SNAIC4 cable.

Remember, the cables are directional - the little tab on the SNAIC5 should be closest to the NAC72 and the little tab on the SNAIC4 should be closest to the Hi-Cap.


Thanks for the invaluable information! I have connected everything and now it works perfectly.
I couldn’t find anything on the net.

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Have you had a listen? Did the hicap come with grey or black snaics? Has it been serviced?

Regardless of the above hopefully you now see what all the fuss was about.


Good stuff :+1: Enjoy your system !

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I listened for about an hour and a half. I didn’t notice a big difference with the flatcap, but maybe I need to let some time pass before judging.
Unfortunately it has not been serviced…
I used the cable connected to the Flatcap and they are black. I think they come from Flashback Sales.

Just to confirm, it is a hicap you bought as you first said it was but now mention a flatcap? Im not familiar with flashback cables but in naims own range I had the grey snaics but when I heard the black ones there was a substantial upgrade so I changed to them.

I originally bought a 72/180 and added the hicap when funds allowed. It was a very noticeable upgrade. A couple of years later I sold the hicap as we hit hard times, and the drop back in performance was quite obvious. Needless to say, as soon as funds allowed I replaced the hicap again as I felt the music sounded a little lifeless without it once I had heard it.

I’ve never heard a flatcap, so if its this you have then I really can’t comment but if you have the hicap then I feel you should be able to hear an immediate lift in sound quality. If not then it could possibly be either the flashback cables or needing a service thats holding it back.

I really expected you to be coming on here after hearing it and saying you couldn’t stop listening, and even that you are now keeping your speakers as they now sound so good.

Late spec Linn Kabers or Keilidh (with Kustone plinths is a must).

Can’t go wrong on a 180 with that vintage.

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