seems to me, a little Bourgeoisie perhaps… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The only caveat is that some sites have a hidden ‘lounge’ area for valued/experienced/longstanding members not visible to all posters, but anything like that here (beta testing aside as it’s essentially opt in) would be divisive in my view.

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Very sorry chaps… I think I’m in the wrong room.
Can someone tell me where the padded cell is :smiley:


Front Room.

I see what you’re saying, but I do think we ought to petition @Richard.Dane to introduce, per @BruceW, above, a “Naughty Step” fifth forum room, which would feature those censored posts, and which would surely provide much mirth and entertainment for the privileged few entitled to access.

Or am I just being naughty? :innocent:


It would be great to have an area where we could discuss controversial or silly topics but the forum is a corporate one and we have to adhere to their rules and standards - there is already a lot of latitude and I suspect RD could do without another area to moderate!

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Excellent. As someone with a close relative who is still under section after 15 years, it always rankled.

Thanks Naim.



lounge ? At least it doesn’t have a “trigger warning” on it yet. The way things are going with the current trend it can’t be far off.

I assume the posting rules remain the same as before.

Dave, let us never forget that ultimately the forum has Naim’s name on it. I think Naim give quite a bit of freedom here but there will alway be a limit where the company’s values have to be respected. The forum is here for Naim fans, customers, et al., but it’s always Naim’s “house”.


Richard, I’m pleased to see the back of padded cell, with all its negative connotations. Lounge is a really crap name though - a lounge is a thing you find in a hotel or an airport. I’ve suggested the simple ‘off topic’ before and feel it’s much better. It’s what’s used on Pink Fish and it works really well. It’s Naim’s choice of course, but I still think it’s crap. Even ‘Other Stuff’ would be better. Or even ‘The Lounge’ if the horrid L word must stay.



Tell us what you really think sir!


The Shed.


Certainly, Richard, though my tongue was firmly lodged in my cheek whilst typing my previous post … … … you do provide a sterling service with a light touch in keeping things in check on here … … … I was just being naughty, and am presently doing “voice to text” whilst standing in the corner of my “lounge”, nose firmly pressed against the wall.

Can’t promise not to be naughty in future, though. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Common room?

The Garden?

The drawing room. upper class twit of the year smiley.

We already have a Grand Cafe.

Given some of the preposterous posts that prompted this change, The Cesspit might be more appropriate. I still say Off Topic. Anyway, we will be accustomed to it in a day or two.

Maybe off topic is patented