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Dealers do that is my experience.

One thing I wonder is how expensive a true analogue preamp path (as there is in the 272) is versus an internally digitised analogue input path (like in the Nova).

The fact that the Unitis have internally digitised analogue inputs makes me think that that must be cheaper or more compact to implement. And it strikes me that in the envisioned kind of 372 product, really very good indeed (digitised) performance from the analogue inputs is probably good enough, even if it’s not the finest (pure analogue) performance possible.

Potentially more budget/space in the box to really push the DAC etc if so.

Yes, I suppose that’s what the dealer’s margin is for.
Just thinking aloud really…

I think a NDX2 plus volume control using an external PS with an optional headphone amp would fit the bill nicely.

Since these are made to order an internal power supply could be an option along with the phono stage from SN3.

We could always ask Santa for a fibre module to avoid the ‘streaming cable mania’ as well.

Problem solved :flushed:. Roll on 2020 for delivery :joy:


PS Maybe add a sparkly bottom for good measure

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Ok, I have added my ‘Click’ and hope it comes into production some time in the near future.

I would love to have one to front a pair of ATC SMC40A speakers! …one can dream…

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You really think that boutique fibre optic cables wouldn’t hit the market if fibre became popular? Then there would be boutique SFPs. We already have boutique media converters.

The 272 is so much more than a streamer with a volume control. It’s a top notch analogue preamp. I have my Naim tuner and Rega turntable connected, which isn’t going to happen with an NDX2 with a volume knob. Linn have dropped their KDS and now only to the KDSM, which has analogue inputs as well as digital.


Me too .

Maybe the boutique fibre optic cables could be named streaming optics :joy:

Exactly HH, For me the streamer part could be dropped and it would be in my view what an updated line of Naim preamps should look like. The user interface, the naming of inputs, the trimming of gain across inputs both analogue and digital is what stops me from ‘upgrading’ to a 252. That and cost of course!

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Cheers guys some interesting thoughts …

My personal findings with the 272 … was that it was fantastic … but the headphone section was a bit ‘meh’. For me if they dropped the headphone stage … but had the power facility to drive a headline and or a stageline … that would be good. Perhaps even have an option to buy one without the transformer… As for the volume … I liked the rotary control. A sprung chasis would be nice … maybe slightly more simplistically done than the NDS.

So you want to drop the transformer but have the capability to power a headline…:roll_eyes:

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Why not? The power would just come from a rail in the external PSU, as it does in some of the higher end Naim preamps. I have no interest in the 272 or it’s possible successor, but this in itself seems perfectly feasible to me.

Appreciate that - it was more the ‘I want it to be less versatile but also more versatile’ aspect that I was commenting on.

Naim could have a look at Linn Select or even back at their own pre-amps: how about an amp with plug in modules - if you want phono you can have it, if you want async USB you can have it, if you want Ethernet you can have it, if you want FM you can have it, if you want a head amp you can have it and so on.

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For what it is worth, my Xmas updated 272 wish list, in priority order.

(1) Better sounding than the current 272.
(2) Can be purchased with and without internal power supply. If purchased without, can utilise both 555PS (DR) outputs.
(3) Incorporates new streaming architecture from new Naim streamers.
(4) Volume control and headphone output.
(5) New display which is fitted to new Naim streamers and Uniti range.
(6) Includes an updated remote control.
(7) Can be controlled by Naim IOS app.
(8) Prepared to sacrifice all analogue inputs, to achieve (1) above.
(9) If (8) is performed, room on back could easily found for XLR outputs, for ATC active fans.


Bare to bare (272/200 282/200) with an LP12 I was surprised how close they compared. 272 probably 80-85% with less weight, speed and frequency extension. The presentation was also different with the 272 less forward.

Actually this thread makes it quite clear what Naim need to do. A new product that is customisable for each customer.

You order the basic case and then get to select the components and functionality that you want from a wide range. Naim then build it for you - say within a week - and you get to pay anything from £500 to a maximum of £1999.

The dealer then delivers it and installs it for you at whenever is convenient to you, say in the evening but not too early as that’s when you have your evening meal, or perhaps on a Sunday.

They’d sell like hot cakes…

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According to my local Naim dealer, he could count thirty people off the top of his head, who would buy a updated 272 tomorrow.
A comparison of what Naim could achieve and more is something similar to a Auralic Vega G2.

Love this thread more and more :smiley: