Low level thud/thump - Roksan Radius

I’m noticing a low level thump (bass rumble type of sound) when playing records on my deck, a Roksan radius.

Having recently moved house I’m wondering if when packing and unpacking the turntable something has gone awry.

Any thoughts?

Is it there without the sub?

From my experience with the Radius, check the condition of the motor?

Is it running smoothly, mine got damaged, probably in transit.

Less so, I think, but yes.

Ah, interesting.

What would I visibly look out for when checking the motor’s condition?

Just check that it’s running smoothly and not juddering, no kink in the pulley.


I’ve had a look and listen, and all seems fine.

Played a few more albums this morning and it’s less noticeable, almost not there, which seems odd, but may be other factors such as my hearing and the type of music, pressing, possibly.

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Could well be a pressing defect,I wouldn’t worry too much.
It’s a good deck.

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Are you getting this noise just when you’re actually playing a record or when the input to the TT is selected too ?

Yes, just when playing certain records.

Ah ok. Just checking :+1:

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