Lp-12 specifically Ekos problem

With the (early) Ekos arm I’ve been using, I wanted to raise the tracking force because several records were skipping. When I went to move the tracking force, it would not budge. I just got the tt back with new lingo 4 ,Karousel and new arm cable as prefix was replaced with an outboard phono stage. I contacted my dealer and he told me sometimes grease from the bearings hardens and to heat with a hair dryer- that worked, but now wondering if the bearings need to be replaced or at least re-packed, and also a bit surprised the dealer did no adjustment while he was basically re-building the tt. I’ve no idea how long it’s been frozen as I don’t recall trying to alter the tracking previously. Any thoughts ,especially on the bearing and the grease?

This is a known problem with early Ekos 1s. When I traded mine in for an Ekos SE in 2007, I’d had it for 17 years, and the tracking dial was stiff but still operable. Best to contact Linn, either directly or via your dealer. I’d be very hesitant about applying heat as a workaround.

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During transport the Ekos tracking force and bias should have been set to zero and the counter-weight removed. The dealer would have had no reason to touch the arm.

How was the deck transported to the dealer?

outer platter removed, cardboard shims under the inner platter and shims in each corner of the armboard. twist tie on the head shell/arm. It’s been done this way several times and seems to work. The hair-dryer did loosen it and don’t know if that is permanent or not, although it still is stiff. My main concern is, if this is grease for the bearings and it has hardened then won’t the movement be compromised?

I think your concern about the possibly hardened grease is entirely justified. What to do about it is more difficult, apart from have the dealer inspect it as a first step.

I too am surprised the dealer did not pick it up on the rebuild.

Benjy, my dealer told me off ( very nicely) for not removing the counterweight before travelling for some upgrades. My thoughts are a) it’s a good idea to look after your bearings and b) moving it helps stop it seizing as you describe.

If you get a service every five years this should help keep your counterweight free.

Just my 2p.


Benjy. It seems two things are being mixed up here. The grease that lubricates the tracking force dial (and the spring) and the arm bearings. I doubt there is any grease in the bearing races.

I wouldn’t get too worried about transporting the arm with the counterweight on. It sounds as if you packed the rest OK and as long as you did not throw the record player around, I doubt any harm would come. Seeing you were careful, I would suspect you would have applied more stress to the bearing pulling the counterweight off.

I too doubt there is any greese that can harden in the arm bearings
They are precision items and will be lightly oiled
There is always the “bit of paper” test (dropped on the headshell ) to test if all is well (Google it)

Thnx for all your replies. I wasn’t too worried about the actual transport. I trust my dealer and I’ve had it transported before in the same manner. I was more concerned that the grease would affect the bearings rather than just the tracking force dial. Also, now looking further on-line, I see it is/was a common problem. Also, the hair-dryer did work, so he knew what he was talking about.

I have the Ekos from when it first came out and then eventually it started to sound dull and quite lifeless. My dealer sent it back to Linn for repair because it was still under guarantee. The diagnosis was that glue had gotten into the bearings, the fault was quite common then.

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