LP-12 + Uphorik Upgrade

Hi gang: I have had my LP-12 for over 30+ years. I asked a question of the group a couple months ago about, upgrading my stageline/HiCap (Olive series). Since then i picked up a nice condition Uphorik. Did not come with the internal power supply. Question is, how good is the Uphorik Internal Power Supply. Is it really better than what i had, Used Superlines are like Hen’s teeth here in Toronto Canada.

Not sure what you mean by the Uphorik internal power supply - I think it’s self-sufficient. Are you thinking of the Urika which is a phono stage fitted internally to an LP12 and powered by the external Radikal power supply, which also powers the Linn turntable motor. The Urika cannot work without the Radikal. I don’t know how the Uphorik compares with a Stageline.

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Or are you talking about the Dynamik upgrade to the Uphorik that happened at some point during its life?

Also, an unpopular position in this forum, but I’d rate both the Uphorik and Urika more highly than the Superline; the Stageline is far from any of these.

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Yes dynamic power supply.

My entire system 250/282/ 2 HiCaps all Naim.

If you have an Uphorik why don’t you just listen to it?

Glad you understood what was meant - I just displayed my ignorance!

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