LP12 and Naim mu so

I am intersted in purchasing a Naim Mu So 1/ 2, principally for its primary purpose, to stream hifi music. Would attempting to play my old LP12/Ittock/clavis be feasible and worthwhile? If so how? Rationalization and space are my reasons. The thoughts of any in this forum who have tried this would be appreciated.

You can certainly do it. You’d need a phono stage and a lead ending in a 3.5mm plug. We have two mu-so Qbs in the house and they are very good, though the full sized mu-so gives a bigger sound. We also have a UnitiQute 2 with a pair of Neat Iotas. Both are tiny and the Iotas live on the wall on brackets. It’s in a completely different league to the Qb or mu-so, has a pair of phono sockets for the analogue input and gives a proper expansive soundstage that the mu-so can’t manage. It would be great with your LP12. It might be worth looking into at least.

As HH mentions, it’s certainly possible. Unless you’re planning to do something with the LP12 in future, why not move it on and get a lower cost deck (you can also get these with built in Phono stages).

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