LP12 and Supernait 3 - Listen to this!

Well I’m going with an LP12 and the Supernait3.
Wondering why more people aren’t doing this particular pairing - they sound amazing.
What you saying?


Hmm I am saying that this thread is confusing me🤣

I am absolutely amazed at how good the LP12 is sounding with the SN3.

Just stuck Hatful of Hollow on which is so full of life, verve and emotion. It sounds LUSH!! It’s one of many albums I’ve not heard in the same way streamed or on cd. Not like this. This is the system combination I’ve been waiting for.

So what is making you demand that everybody STOP what they’re doing and LISTEN to some music because it sounds so utterly GLORIOUS on your system!!!??


Rega P8, Trichord Dino/NCPSU, Supernait 2.


Cool - what MM did you go for?

Just curious as it sounds though it’s working pretty well into an SN3.

Any pics? :slight_smile:

Very sensible and solid choice. Excellent sound and will hold value pretty well.

However, ( cue Jaws film music). Both can lead you to bank account emptying upgradeitus if you don’t keep a grip on yourself.


Hi @Murmur - I have an LP12 with Karousel, L4, Kore, Tramp, Ittok and an Audio Technica VM750 SH moving magnet cartridge which is making my vinyl collection sound wonderful. I was guided by my dealer about the choice of cartridge as I wouldn’t know where to start. Having a built in MM phono stage in the SN3 avoids an extra box and the Lingo 4 doesn’t feel like a box because of its size and shape, so it can be discretely tucked away just leaving the turntable and amp. It’s simple and a great sounding combination. Perhaps some don’t take MM carts seriously but the VM750 SH is a great match for the Ittok. Pics below for you with apologies as these should really be on the Show us you Sondek thread.

Hi @Collywobbles - Agreed, Naim and Linn both offer many tempting upgrades but the quality of the amp and TT is good enough for me. Providing you have easy to drive speakers, the SN3 is a belting allrounder of an amp - no need for pre or power boxes, additional shelves, cables, power lines etc. and its easily good enough show the quality of the LP12.


Very nice setup!

Thanks for cartridge info.

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Hi @Bobthebuilder
The Rega P8 is exceptional value for money new and so is the SN2 second hand.
That’s an absolutely terrific little set up right there for half the cost of mine. I bet that it sounds great too.
Nice one!

I’ve had a few LP12’s both serviced and built by experts and also self built if you get one right it can be highly musical and very addictive source. I used LP12’s with various Naim set ups but now prefer the simplicity of my current system it gets out of the way and lets me enjoy the music as does yours no doubt.


I have the VMNSLC cartridge I had the Shibata for a short while but traded it after a very short time when a Special Line Contact came up for a good price which is a bit better but not by much I would be just has happy with the SH both are lovely MM’s.


An interesting aspect of this system is where optimisation can be found between the analogue source and the NAIT. If you consider a focus on a MM cartridge and direct connection to the NAIT for example vs an intermediary phono stage and perhaps a MC cartridge. Then you have the various configurable aspects of the LP12 to consider relative to power supply level amongst other things. At what level would you need to be in order for the LP12 to be best matched to the abilities of the NAIT in essence.
There’s also the obvious comparisons to be made from a cost perspective relative to other source options, a Rega 8 or 10 as obvious examples, certainly those with a Rega MC cartridge and suitable Phonostage.
Regardless, a SN3 + correctly setup LP12 with a MM cartridge would be a very enjoyable match and sure to give a lot of enjoyment.


Yeah, I wonder how well the Linn Adikt MM matches the XS3/SN3 since that’s the standard offering with the Majik LP12. It can make a meal of any distortion but with the latest bearing, SN3 and some decent speakers I doubt most owners would have an issue. Although I seem to recall someone here saying it wasn’t a great match for the SN3 phono stage.

A good point, the built in MM phonostage on the SN3 is pretty decent (I use mine with a Rega deck) but at some point especially with a decent spec LP12, it’ll be holding the system

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Gorgeous. Is that color Oak or Walnut?

Interesting thread. For the last year or so I’ve been thinking about a TT… My heart says LP12 but head says P8. I think since this will be my first serious TT I’d be best to stick with the SN3 phono stage and MM. I’m glad to hear the OP is having great results with the LP12 and SN3


My lust bucket has a Technics SL-1210G in it.


Hi @marcusman
Since getting the LP12 properly set up by my dealer - apart from it being a MM cart at Akurate level spec - it’s also on a dedicated shelf which is allowing it to perform optimally.

I did listen to a Rega P8 with MM but preferred the LP12. Not really a fair comparison I grant you. A more price comparable option would have seen me comparing a Rega P8 with an Apheta 3 MC cart through a Rega Aria Mk 3 phono stage which I suspect would have given the LP12 something to think about.
I ruled it out on the basis of not wanting more than 2 boxes (if you can call a TT a box). At the end of the day I just fell in love with the LP12 for its looks and sound. For the same budget, I could have improved the SQ by going with the Rega options but I guess my heart over ruled my head. However - and this is my point - for a simple turntable and amp set up, this is hard to beat.

It’s a walnut plinth and I think it looks gorgeous.
The Rega P8 (& P10) are also a lovely neat design but all other things being equal, it’s a Linn Sondek, right!? @Mr.M is right in his analysis and he’s right to speculate that it’s a very enjoyable listen - I’m barely listening to my NDX2.


I also had the Shibata version for a while but ended up with the VMN40ML, a bit less warmth but tracks inner grooves better IME.

Thanks @llatpoh76 that’s good to know.
I was guided by my dealer about choice of cart as I know nothing about what would be a good match for the Ittok arm. I haven’t given much (actually any) thought to other MM carts that are available to me.