Lp12, Aro, Olive Armageddon, Helikon SL, K perfix

Hi, I’m seriously considering dipping my toes into the bottomless pit of vinyl bliss. I can buy the said lp12 for a reasonable price. I’m under the impression my olive 52 system on phased mana (I also have a mana wall bracket) will have the perfect synergy hopefully. I’m unsure but I’m thinking from the get go the lp12 is a purpose built job.

The prefix is a K and has the grey snaic, my question is how much better is the black one? Also is servicing necessary for the prefix or the Olive Armageddon to get.

I have read having a “ Aromatic?”tone arm support is probably a good thing to do, I’m unsure if this is easy to install or even where to find one, I see an aftermarket company is selling a newer version, I just wonder if the mounting can affect the sound or is it sonically better to go without.

I’ve been an avid Cds2 fan for a number of years and have a lot of CD music, atm I have a grand total of 1 lp’s yes just the one😄 Fleetwood Mac live it’s the white album recorded in the late 70’s (just love it) Im thinking that a new Journey of music is about to begin.

I’m very happy to be able to do this as I’ve had a long term plan to get one, I’m also very happy to be able to support the local Naim importer who has it and has worked tirelessly for many years to service and support the local Naim brigade.

I could go a brand new Rega-RP8 with and Apheta cart no tone arm included at a a slight lease price (25%) which makes me think which would be more satisfying on my system? Fully knowing the that the lp 12 has done a numbers of laps. I’m told the cart has been checked under the microscope and has at lest 50% on the diamond.

Unfortunately I’m going to buy blind so I’m looking for some experienced wise reasoning from the forum members.

Thank you so much for your comments and experience as I know it’s a specialty field and there is not a lot of people around that could actually answer these questions.
looking forward to hearing from you .

At that level, it’s a pretty safe bet that the lp-12 has been well cared for. Mine is lp-12 / lingo 2 / ekos on a quadraspire wall shelf. My prefix is powered from the 282 , so no separate snaic (does invisible count). I went from mega 3 to linn years ago. You’d probably be happy with either one, but I’d lean towards the linn. As far as an aro arm support - probably hard to find an d if you are just careful when handling the arm probably not neccessary.

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The spec on that LP12 looks taylor made for a system fronted by a 52. I think you will have a lot of fun! Can’t help with the aromatic as I use a Linn arm. What I would do is make sure I had access to a good dealer experienced in the upkeep of a Sondek. Perhaps just an initial service and a chat about what is under the bonnet.

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I would go for it, that is a very good combo and hard to find. You just need a LP12 expert to take a look to see if everything is fine.

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Yes I’m getting it serviced by them, new springs, belt oil and setup. Chris our important (forever) will be asked to check the aro, I would say he would be the foremost Aro specialist in this country. So can buy with complete confidence.

I’ve read the black snaic on the prefix is an upgrade can anybody confirm this?

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Yes, I use it on my Linn Ekos 2 (to replace the original Linn cable). Not sure if it makes any SQ differences but I like it, and it is still solid after 20 years.

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Really not sure but the main snaic that comes out of the prefix, early ones are grey and the later ones are black. Can be done by a service agent afaik.

Btw, I aslo have the Lyra Helikon SL, I I bought it in 2001. It is very surprising that it looks, and plays music fine after nearly 20 years, maybe I used to be away from home a lot, maybe I have not used it intensively?

Yes, I read they are a replacement/ fill the gap for the linn troika. I’m not opposed to sending the Lyra to Japan in getting it re-tipped should be know real need I hope. I have a strong Japan connection so should be easy enough to get done. Atm I’m trying to upload a pic of it but having a little trouble for some reason.

I think Lyra has a very good trade-in policy.

Stop it🤭
She’s already on the fence about it :joy:

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I notice that the LP12 has a K prefix, this matches the Lyra HeliKon SL very well. So the original owner must have known what he really wanted.

Yes indeed, when talking to the salesman it’s obvious it’s a goodie. Also without doubt the reputation of the company goes without saying and I feel so much more comfortable than buying it off fleabay that’s for sure.

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The Aromatic would have to be a used one, an alternative would be the TigerPaw Elevator which on the armboard and I think uses the same hole the Aromatic would.
My Aro isn’t on a Linn and my armboard is polycarbonate, mounting an Elevator on that did have a negative impact on sound, not major but it negated the improvement in noise floor my move from perspex to polycarbonate arm board won so I removed it again.
Actually using the finger lift isn’t that difficult if you brace your hand on the plinth when doing it. It does help if you’re not left handed.


Elevator would also have to be used, since Tiger Paw are no longer selling products.

Having owned both products, I’d suggest using neither as the best option, but if you must use a lift, I’d go with the Elevator.

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Or change to the Linn tonearms? :slight_smile: Just joking.

I think the Aro at one time was considered as gold dust, just make absolutely sure the LP12 is stable, perfectly balanced because the Aro is very fussy about it.

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Yes thanks for the reply’s. I would like to keep it old school olive the reason why I ask about the lifter is the cart instructions recommend one for the long jeopardy of the needle bounce etc that’s all. I’m sure if I’m careful (and I am) I’ll be ok. Hoping the 12 will eat the cds2 :thinking: with this setup.

What type of sub-chassis does it have?

Those original pressed steel ones produce the horrible Sondek bass-bloom presentation.
Upgrading to a one-piece sub-chassis/arm board like a Kore would be a kindness to your hearing, although i don’t know if that would effect you intended choice of arm fitment (?)


Hey Debs! Not sure just yet. I’ve asked the questions and yet to here any answers. I’m not particularly worried about the upgradable parts as that will be the fun of it all I guess. I originally intended to get a base model and then go on the never-ending upgrade path as it’s a hobby right, but just to find one in mint condition with the armageddon and aro then the cart just a bonus as far as i’m concerned, I’m Buzzin :honeybee:
That’s me and my one record buzzing I’m mean :joy:
Tell you the truth I’ve never even herd one built like this. I have a couple of mates that will point me in the right direction. I’m still buttering my wife up for a this Tuesday purchase.

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You have pretty much described the base components of my LP12. Kore, Aro, prefix k recapped by chris west with zfoil deep cryo resistors, Linn Krystal and I do have a black snaic on my prefix. Black snaic is better for signal sound, but you may well just enjoy the table for a while, get a simple service, springs, speed adjustment, VTA, tracking force, etc. Then go to the used record store, start collecting, do some research, and check in on the forum for advice on adjustments, set up and upgrade steps. You don’t need to service and recapp everything now.

Don’t get an arm lift or support, not needed, just be careful when lifting and placing needle on record, it becomes second nature after a while. You will not be disappointed in the rich, warm sound of the LP12. The Aro tonearm is a rare gem, enough so that I have not been able to find one for sale under £1900 in good condition as a spare. The prices are outrageous. I do all my own work and service, big fan of lp12!

Enjoy your new table!