LP12, lid on or off?

Sorry if this has been discussed before but I couldn’t find anything.

I usually play my records on my LP12 with the lid off believing it sounded better.
I have only very recently upgraded with a Klimax Radikal and Keel, before that I was using a Lingo 3 and original Cirkus sub chassis, the rest of my set up is Trampolin 2, Ekos 2, Dynavector 17D3, Naim Prefix HICAP.
With the current spell of hot weather, the windows are open and as I want to avoid any airborne dirt getting on my records I’ve left the lid on and I’ll be damned if it isn’t now sounding better!

So, do you listen with lid on or off, and why?


As I set up my turntable with no lid, I also play my turntable with no lid. It’s always been this way.

It’s a dustcover for the turntable and should be off during play. I actually have no choice now.

I gather lid off should sound better but is that just the lid or lid and hinges?

Personally I’ve always played with lid on due to pets/kids/clumsy me - there are so many of these things we could A/B but do they really make a difference, or only with specific turntable siting?

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Always had the lid off. Either closed or off is the general recommendation.

Thanks Joaquin but I’m talking specifically about the LP12


Perhaps I should have been clearer, I meant lid on and closed when playing a record.
I’ve owned my LP12 since early nineties and in the main always used it with lid removed. However, as I said, I appear to have discovered by accident that it now seems to sound better ( and since upgrading to Klimax Radikal & Keel) with lid on and closed.


:small_blue_diamond:Strange,…a turntable (LP12) should be protected from vibrations.
A lid adds vibration.
Sounds it better with a lid,.so is there something that is wrong in your set-up,.installation…And,.or placement of your LP12.


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I think I prefer with the lid only when there is no Trampolin.
Maybe Trampolin does not like stress.

I used to prefer mine also with the lid on.
A compromise - more ‘boxy’ coloration but reduced direct airborne vibration onto the disk.
The fact you can hear the music means it is not just structural.

Lid-on worked better with hearing low-level information in the mix, but did add boxy lid coloration.
Lid-off gave a cleaner sound but also favored the louder music over very quiet in the mix.

I just chose which I preferred depending on the music - more subtle intimate stuff - lid-on, otherwise off.



Interesting answers! A few years back, I would have said that the dust cover absolutely belongs in the attic. I’ve done upgrades since and will check again.

The dust cover has been upgraded as well, with Ivor Tiefenbrun’s autograph.

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I have no choice - the arm lift thingy sits proud of the top of the arm to such an extent that lowering the lid would be a very expensive school boy error on my part!!


I always take if off the LP12 during playing, I feel it more airy that way, the function of the lid is just a dust cover (for me).

More air, more coherence, more detail and just plain louder without the dust cover. Back to the attic.

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No lid…

I also had a LP12, and three Rega turntables. Lids and hinges always came off for playback. It always sounded better that way.

Most turntables now don’t even integrate the dust covers with the plinth, since they are meant to be off during playback anyway. :slight_smile:


Even with the most basic of all questions, there’s still variable answers. I should be used to this, but I literally just shook my head.

It’s the lid off. No exceptions, no “I prefer”, no “it sounds better with certain types of music”. Just take the lid off when playing.

Sweet Jesus Christ.


:small_blue_diamond:@Count.d,…Exactly :+1::+1:t2:,.I repeat below…

"a turntable (LP12) should be protected from vibrations.
:black_small_square:A lid adds vibration.

Sounds it better with a lid,.so is there something that is wrong in your…
:black_small_square:And,.Or placement of your LP12."


So the OP is wrong in his perception.
He is not allowed a personal preference - and nor is anyone else.

This is what goes wrong on forums - no ability to allow for others to hold a different view or perspective.

When the lid is on and ‘up’ = all bad - agree.
Mostly prefer off
Do prefer on some music closed and down - I used to also place a small weight in center to remove a vibration mode. You do hear the lid on, but it also lowers a range of acoustic feedback to the record.

It is not a big deal - if the OP likes it then he likes it and does not need to be scolded IMO.

But whatever.


Hang on! The OP does not like the lid on while playing, he is concerned about dirt getting on his record, and wondering about the SQ impact with the lid on. That’s why he started the survey.

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I read that he is saying it is better.