LP12 non Linn mats/mods

Anyone used the Funk Firm’s Achromat?

Got a 5mm one at the Bristol show and I quite like it, though difficult to A/B with the felt one now as I eventually used the supplied stickers to fix it to the outer platter as it was slightly warped.

Would love to try the Tiger Paw magnetic mod for the platter too.

@Alley_Cat – you’ve piqued my interest, too. i’ve used the A23 standard mat on my LP12, which seemed to do neither harm nor good, but altered the VTA a bit from the standard mat so i switched back.

i’d really like Linn to come out with another version of the standard mat – just in a different color. blue or white would be nice.

Was Awful!

In what way?

There seems to be a reasonable consensus that the Linn felt mat is best. It’s main drawback often quoted is that it lifts easily with a record with static, solutions being either double sided tape or wet cleaning your records.

Personally I have little interest in any non Linn alternatives.


I found selling my lp12 and buying a Rega P8 was the best answer to that linn mat problem…
I just don’t get static any more…

The static is on the records, new ones are terrible IME so I wet clean the majority of new LPs.
After that they are fine.

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