LP12 Question

I’m in the market for my first LP12. Have a 500 system. It sounds like the Aro/Armageddon/Troika combo was pretty ideal. Am I out of luck, or is finding one out there still possible?

You need to talk to Peter Swain at Cymbiosis.
However, the Troika has been out of production for some years. Was a wonderful cartridge though.


Plus 1 for Peter Swain at Cymbiosis

Well worth the trip


Another vote for Peter Swain here. The Armageddon has been surpassed by the Linn Radikal, especially the Klimax Radikal, which oddly sounds better than the Akurate, despite having the same electronics. The Troika was great in its day, but nowadays if you want to go down that route you’ll be looking at a rebuilt one and that’s another minefield. The Aro is a wonderful tone arm, but again difficult to find one these days. Speak to Peter for genuine advice.

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I would want to listen to a few versions of the LP12 if I were you with a system as close as possible to your own.

If you are in the south, Andy at Winchester Hi-Fi had good Aro stocks the last time I was in. Also buying from Andy, you get the benefits of Phil March’s legendary LP12 expertise on setup.

I’d go as far as saying, it’s not what you buy LP12 wise, it’s who you buy it from that matters.

Please let us know how it goes. I should add, Andy is a Linn and a Naim dealer.



There are many lp12 configurations available. When we come out of lockdown, best advice I can offer is similar to above - take a drive to cymbiosis. Peter has numerous record players set up and ready to play which will provide you with the best chance of making a decision which suits your preferences. Whilst I have an Aro and rate it highly, there are many others who prefer the signature of the Linn arms. Best to see for yourself and find a solution optimised to suit your budget. Peter’s the person I reckon is best placed to help you with this.


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Plus 1 with the Andy/Phil March recommendation. Phil really knows his setup and fettling !


Think you’re is the correct forum for good advice.
Not sure if you have an lp player but here’s how I feel.

I have a 52/135 Sl2 system, to a point I went completely blind into an old lp 12 from 1984, prefix, Armageddon, lyra helikon sl cart. While from what I read the new linn have more detail etc, I can honestly say my music is very satisfying with foot tapping bless! You may not need to spend 500 level money to get satisfied. I personally want for nothing more these days. One of my buddy’s who is in a fortunate position due to hard work and has Michelle orb, grahams elite tone arm, with a lyra Atlas cart into his 500 system and wow its sounds flipping astonishing @$$$$. But not $$$$ more than the old Naim/linn gear.
Remember new tone arms are still getting made but not the Aro. I will never part with my one is how I feel atm.
Another’s thing I’ve noticed since I’ve been doing vinyl and say that because it’s become an addiction and a lifestyle to a point. As I’m sure you are aware it’s not as simple as a CD purchase or a download, I’m getting into the history of the Artis more so than ever before, quality of pressing and to boot the secondhand lp market is a minefield, but yet gems can be found that you just can’t buy new. Its alot of fun and has brought me closer to the music ten fold.
Good luck and enjoy.

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I use an old LP12, Aro, Geddon and Krystal. I’ve had several Troika’s and one Art 1 over the years. In some respects the Krystal sounds like the sum of the other two cartridges. Vibrant and exciting with beautiful finely etched detail. The recent inclusion of a Kore and Karousel has taken things to another level.

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For a ‘first’ LP12, I would suggest than a Linn Ekos would be a more user friendly option. Also has the advantage of being current.

Another +1 for Cymbiosis, as advisers & suppliers of LP12’s and more… :smile:


Genuine question why a Linn?

It’s still an excellent deck but there are many viable alternatives.




looking like an @Cymbiosis fan club, but another plus from me

Peter has been looking after my LP12 for 20 years, I think the only parts are outer platter and hinges that are from my first LP12

I have worked my way through upgrades with Peters help and guidence to get my deck to where it is today

so again when we can travel again book in with Peter and lissen to set up’s IMO use Bearing, PSU, Sub chassis. Arm & Cart in that order

to get the most out of 500 I would look at Akurate or above to be honest, I have not heard the new Majik with karousel and Krane

Cymbiosis LP12’s ready to go - the one Item I would make sure on is the new karsouel

Enjoy the music


@jhetz Which country do you live in?

An LP12 with ARO, Armageddon and Troika would be a very good turntable for a used purchase (but get the turntable set up properly and get the Troika retipped first). Having said that, you might be surprised how good a new Majik would sound. Add a Lingo 4 down the road and you’d have quite a nice setup. To bring it up to “500” standards, though, is going to cost you (Keel, Radikal, Ekos SE, Kandid).

Thumbs up for Phil March!


I’m sceptical about re tipping, bit like putting new wheels on a car with knackered suspension


Shame that the original ‘Phonography’ Store in Ringwood isn’t still extant. What a great place that was !


I’ve left Winchester Hi-Fi’s number in my phone as ‘Phonography’. Seems only right :slight_smile:


Well, it was more a case of not ruining his records with a knackered 30 year old stylus.