LP12 Turntable Support

For many years IKEAs Lack side table has been recommended as a support for the LP12 for those on a tight budget.
I’ve just noticed another table, Nyboda, from the same outlet which is soon to be discontinued.

It seems to be suitable dimension-wise for the LP12 (maybe for other decks as well) and appears to be lightweight construction with a built-under shelf which may have been designed specifically for a Lingo :wink: (it’s possibly a bit too tight for a Radikal).

Has anyone out there tried one? Is it viable (either with or without modifications)?

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Hi @Swanny,

There’s discussion elsewhere on what works best under an LP12, if one wants to get a bit obsessive about it. However, for those who just want a simple solution that works, this looks like a great candidate.

Other than having Cymbiosis as your fetter the best other support is light and rigid and if on a wobbly floor a wall shelf.
Other than that Just Listen. :+1:t2:

Looks too tall and wobbly to me but worth a try, and you can always cut down the legs.

Ref the Lack, only cut out the innards if your deck uses standard feet - i.e. not fitted with Trampolin / Urika

I only use the Lack now that I’ve moved back to standard feet. With Urika, I preferred racks like the Isoblue and Hutter - Not tried the Fraim.

For now my deck will stay where it is, perched on top of a Soundstyle rack. The rack is fitted with its ‘turntable frame’ and I found that the addition of an additional MDF shelf, supporting the glass shelf beneath the Sondek on three cap-nuts, made a decent sound improvement (this comparison was made before the Tramp II was fitted). Strangely, although the turntable and Arcam CD player benefitted from this arrangement, adding similar MDF shelves to the glass under the Naim amps absolutely ruined the sound.

I’m looking to move to a different part of the country fairly soon, so I don’t know what the system will end up sitting on. Hence my curiosity when I noticed the Nyboda table, given its impending withdrawal.

I also wondered if the table was “too tall and wobbly”, one of the reasons why I haven’t taken the plunge so to speak. I did consider the possibility it could be braced or reduced in height if necessary. Then I thought “I can’t be the first, I’m sure one of the Sondek owners on the Naim Forum MUST have already tried this”! :thinking:

See the thread on wall shelves - you are not the only one to have experimented.

I have a Lack table for my third system (no turntable), mainly for domestic harmony and practicality.

It has short, thick, braced legs with a lightweight internal construction. Hence it is light and rigid.

The Nyboda doesn’t look at all rigid due to its long, thin, unbraced legs.

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