LP12 Upgrade from Kore / Akito 2b to Keel / Ekos SE?

If TP have ceased trading they should take down their website which is still active. Are we sure they have actually shut up shop?

@marksnaim my dealer has sold off all his stock and removed them from his web page

as @Murmur mentioned it was radio silence from TP, may be someone on here knows more but it is my understanding they are no longer trading

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Yes I only just found out TP has ceased to be.
So apologies for suggesting Tranquility.
It is no longer available, which is a shame.
I agree the website should close as it gives the appearance TP has a product range an is still trading.

I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over the loss of the Tranquility; a number of people, including some highly respected dealers, thought the sound was different, rather than better. My own Linn dealer thought it had an adverse effect on the sound. Trust your own ears as they say.

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This thread is taking a very different direction, that’s what I love with this forum.

Car enthousiasts have had this conversation for years - original or mods? Third party performance parts on OEM only? I have friends who buy expensive cars because they love them, but they start ordering parts and modifying software the moment they get them. I personally keep my cars 100% original.

IMO once someone buys an object it becomes theirs and they’re free to do whatever they see fit with it. For better or for worse!


Chris Harban does plinths that aren’t matched by Linn.

Is he alright? I didn’t know he’d had an accident.

Definitely - you either like Tranquility or not and as you say you can only decide by having a listen.

Tranquility to me is like choosing a non-Linn cartridge, you can any point revert to all Linn. It is not irreversible unlike some modifications.

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Have seen a couple of reasonably priced Ekos SE tonearms on favourite auction site for around 50% of new price if you’re interested in the upgrade.

I have gone from Akurate to Klimax LP12 but with an Akurate Radikal. I think it is brilliant, it’s musical, dynamic and involving. Because it’s Linn the main drawback is cost but it is all superbly made. My only note of caution is that there is no Linn bloom, that bass hump that I found unacceptable back in the late 80s. Try before you buy but I think this is a better route for you than the 500…



Beautiful system @stuart.ashen

I aim to improve my LP12 in due course. Next stage for me will be an Akurate Radikal.

No rush as I’ve spent far too much money on upgrades over the last year!


@ClaudeP - my issue with LP12’s (in the round) is that when you add up many of the upgrades (e.g. Radikal - a motor/sensor/box), the cost elevates the deck in to another firmament of players (SME et al) - and there’s a video on YouTube where someone from SME at their factory is holding a Keel (suggesting SME make it).

The biggest upgrade I’ve heard is the Stiletto aluminium plinth (noise floor far lower/enhanced detail) but at ~£5k (IIRC) it would take the overall cost of an LP12 (Keel et al) to ~ £15k (exc cart) - perhaps far more with the 3rd-party base(s) included.

I don’t mind 3rd party mods/upgrades (to some ears not all) - but when considering all the incremental spends, the overall needs comparison.

Of course YM(&thinking)MV.

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Linn have always been quite open about SMEs involvement in the Keel although I seem to recall it was only anodised by SME but could be wrong.

You make some valid points HL. For me and others we can buy the Linn at a much lower level and only upgrade if you want to. If I had, say, £18k in one go it would be easier to listen to a wider range of players and choose accordingly. Fortunately there is good synergy with the LP12 and Naim so it’s a safe option long term. I think the Rega range is more of a competitor to Linn in this context.

Good points @HappyListener.

I always believe in buying preloved to save money.

Part of the enjoyment I find with Linn and Naim systems is the ability to upgrade boxes and parts when finances allow.

I started with a Valhalla and Akito tonearm with iffy bearings. Changing to Lingo and getting the Akito refurbished and upgraded by Audio Origami provided big improvements.

The Kore and Dynavector 10x5 has provided further improvement.

Maybe I’ll max out the Lp12.

Once that’s done it’s a case of where do you go from there? Which I guess is where you are at.

Start again with something completely different? I guess by buying used I see that if I end up changing the deck or my black boxes then I can recoup most of the money back!

You then simply stop and enjoy it.

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Sooner or later there’s an itch that is hard not to scratch!

That’s me anyhow. I enjoy making changes and tweaking my system.

Seems to be one online store still has Tranquility…I’ll have to see if my order completes, tho.

Sad to see a small company go.

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Pretty sure SME precision engineered mine and what a great job they did.
I’m delighted - my LP12 has lasted for years though, new plinth, new base, new bearings, new top plate, 2 new PSUs, new motor, new tonearm, new cue, new springs, new cartridge and new phono stage stage - apart from that it is exaktly like it was when I first bought it.

Perhaps I should have bought a Garrard 501 - oh well, I like the LP12.

Now why did you have to say that … I’d convinced myself I’d done enough


I saw them too but non in America. The ones I saw say “may not be available in your region”. Anyway I want it to be installed by a seasoned professional so buying a brand new one is probably the preferred option.