LP12 upgrade path and unbalanced system advice

I am new to this forum and would really appreciate your advice regarding an upgrade path. I have looked at many of the posts in this area on the forum which have been really helpful, however:

My current system is : LP12/cirkus/ittok/AT 33ev MC cart.
Amplifier- Incatec Claymore- recently recapped and refurbished. This amp was said to be a Naim Nait beater back in the late 80’s, and sounds great
NEAT SX1 speakers. I listen exclusively to vinyl, rock/jazz/folk etc.

I have up to 3k to spend and various options present themselves.

  1. Observe the source first approach and sink the lot into a Radical Akurate PSU- plus get a free new bearing

  2. Or Keel, Lingo 4, T kable, adikt cart (to sell as not needed) - gets to the 3k and free bearing

  3. Or secondhand SN2 and a Lingo 4, forget the free bearing for the moment, think about better PSU when I have more funds available

  4. Or any other suggestions…

I know that that answer is to listen and decide, but actually doing a/b comparisons can be very difficult practically. Really concerned that if I go all in on Radikal that my amp will be the rate limiting step.

Thank you for your collective wisdom in advance


Welcome to the forum Jonathan.

Please note I have sent you a message.

I just had my; LP12, Circus, Lingo 1, Ittok, AT33PTG II upgraded, and here are my thoughts.

Firstly, wish I had waited a couple of weeks, because then would have been aware of Linn’s current offer of a free Karousel bearing if you spend 3 grand. Bad timing, ho-hum.

Anyway, I had; a Kore, Lingo 4 and Trampolin 2.

The result of the upgrade was to make the AT PTG2 cartridge unlistenable. Previously too bright and brittle (unlike the excellent Mk1 PTG which it replaced), it became ear-bleedingly awful.

So, a new cartridge was needed. If I had been able to take the free bearing offer, I would have bought a Linn Kandid to take me over the 3 grand threshold. But having a free choice, I was able to cast the net wider. Decided against the obvious Linn/Lyra route because I have also found them a bit light and toppy for my taste. I like the Dynavector sound, but having had a suspension collapse after far too few hours, while the stylus was still pristine, I won’t buy another.
In the end I went a bit left field and got a Goldring Ethos.

I absolutely love the Goldring Ethos. The sound is completely my cup of tea; fabulous resolution and detail, but lots of bass weight and punch. On the warm side maybe, but I honestly don’t think at the expense of anything. Of course, the LP12 has had all the upgrades, so I can’t be sure how much of the sound is due to that.
What I also love is that the Goldring is made in UK and that it comes in a simple cardboard box with absolutely no bells and whistles. Those fancy wooden boxes and import taxes must cost quite a lot, so I feel there is more cartridge for my money here.

Hope that helps

  1. Or Keel, Lingo 4, T kable, adikt cart (to sell as not needed) - gets to the 3k and free bearing

Hi Jonathan
warm welcome to the forum - just on your point 2 - the Linn offer is on 1 product over 3k as I understand from my dealer

I would go source first and then closely followed by a balance in the system, I would get to a dealer who can demo the LP12 in a number of set up’s if you can - I would look at Kore and Lingo 4 (which is where I am currently which is very good, I have also been a huge fan of Dynavector again demo these if you can both 10X and 20x punch well above thier price point

SN2 is lovely and will add to your system greatly, NAIM is a journey plan a budget and discuss on here or moreover the best way is find a dealer who you like and can demo the various systems too you

main thing is to enjoy the journey and the Music!

Thank you rockingdoc and antz- very helpful
I like many of you use Cymbiosis- and I expect Peter will be reading this and smiling as he has been offering his usual excellent advice!


yes I regard @Cymbiosis as friends who give me invoices! and cups of black tea

But on serious note, talk to Peter about plans, I am sure there will be lots of very nice SH bits floating around - he is taking my Lingo 4, Cirkus 2, Tramp 2 in PX for in coming upgrades

I had not appreciated that is was 3k for a single Linn product, rather than a collection of bits and pieces- I don’t want to let on the advice Peter gave me… but I bet many will guess the answer!

I believed it was for a single invoice transaction, not a single item.

Option 1 in my opinion and in line with Linn hierarchy. Then get a proper Nait :sunglasses:

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I would try to look at your end game if that’s possible. The Linn Radikal Akurate is an end game, a Lingo 4 is not, as you may decide to upgrade later.

I have a Kore, Lingo 1 and my next upgrades in order would be Radikal, Ekos 1 or 2 or SE (budget permitting), then cartridge improvement followed by Keel if needed.

The Radikal would be a big permanent upgrade.

The other thing to look at is a used Linn Radikal available generally on favourite auction sites for £1800- £1900 and then get your dealer to fit for around £100- £150.

That would be my decision. With the savings made on a used Radikal, look at selling your amp or part exchanging in order to buy a secondhand SN2.

That way you get a Radikal and an SN2.

Have a talk with your Naim/Linn dealer and see if they would be prepared to fit the Radikal and see if they can do a part/ex.

In my experience, dealers are happy with any business and should be able to accommodate your needs.

Thank you Dan M- I had not thought of that approach. I can confirm that it is a single invoice for 3k of Linn products that triggers the free bearing offer- you correct Rockingdoc
Decisions, decisions…

What is the LP-12 sitting on? This is important.

If we are getting down to details… set up is of most importance especially the top plate…

Option 1 would be my move.

Trampoline 2, sound organisation 2 tier rack from the 80’s, spikes, wooden floor, concrete below- not suspended floor.
House foundations
Earths crust, mantle and core!!!

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Not Kore? :grimacing:

And Krust?

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Says the Krusty Duck :sunglasses:

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