LP12 vs Phonosophie

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Been doing a bit of turntable listening. Systems are in the profile but just wanted to say I am preferring the old school analog sounding Phonosophie to the tricked up Linn. I’m sure I preferred the Linn with the Armageddon instead of the Radikal, just more analog sounding. The LP12 is awesome but just sounds a bit digital, forceful and too powerful.

Anyway just wanted to share FWIW.

Good listening, Devraj


If you look elsewhere, you will find that JV had a phonosophie. I am not sure about UK support.

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Are they still around?

Yes very much so. It’s an very durable design, leaf springs and only needs a new belt every so often. I have a spare motor just in case. However the star of the show is the Aro and the Naim Power Unit.

It is an unbelievable sounding deck, and puts the fine sounding mega Sondek into perspective.


Where does one go to see them? SEO at least doesn’t seem to be a strength.

In the UK? Winchester Hifi, apparently. They do seem to keep a low profile though :slight_smile:

Seem to be an interesting organisation, it sounds like they used to be the German Naim distributor?

[edit: ok, I’m really not sure what to make of their website though, or if they still actually make TTs!]

Hey - what’s up here.
Bought a P3 (this is what the phonosophie no3 is called) early 90s and still have it in use. Just listend to it a few hours ago.
Meanwhile I gave him a prefix inside (done by phonosophie which is 15 min drive from where I life) and a naim p3ps power supply (a naim modified 140). Have a Thorens arm with phonosophie counterweight - still looking for an aro.
And prefix is powered by supercap.
Remember the lp12 / phonosophie battle end of 80s and remember the p3 being a bit more groovy and the lp12 more detailed.
The lp12 has evolved a lot in recent years - unfair to compare with a curr3nt lp12. p3 is not really sold much more (but you can still order one). As seen on their webpage, their main business has shifted a bit, but if anyone wants a TT, please contact them. Also they are offered preloved for reasonable prices in Germany at usual platforms quite often.
There has been some discussion on the new phonosophie products around. in my opinion they are still a very fine and fair company with a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm.

Phonosophie deck gets a full thumbs up from me and runs perfect with my 52… 135 … SBL :o)

Mine has no real need for a new belt, but will bring him to service anyway soon - and new belt he shall have.

JV had one - given by phonosophie, who were the German distributor at that time. At phonosophie I was infected end of 80s with the naim virus … theses days the host, which infected me had the name nait2 when I remember correctly :grin:


Great post. One day I’ll bring mine for a service to Germany. Mine has a prefix as well as all the Naim parts. Amazing deck!


Is your prefix also fitted inside. I remember when phonosophie installed it they have done some research on how they have done it many years ago for JV and were so happy, when it worked.
The technician made photos of the prefix sitting inside, and handed them over really proud - nice moment :grin:

The time the P3 was introduced I think I have been around at phonosophie at a weekly basis - nice times very long ago. :wink:



Wonderful picture - yes my Prefix is inside!

Best wishes

Ps do you use the small spindle adaptor?

What is the small spindle adaptor? The „thing“ near the motor pulley stabilizing the belt?
No - but picture search does not help. Do not know what this is :slight_smile:

I own an LP12 /Aro/Pink Linnk and a few years ago was also babysitting a P3/Aro/NPSU for a deceased estate. Both Aro’s were fitted with FR1 Mk3 cartridges. I always preferred the P3. I was actually going to buy it but my wife said ‘either/or’ not ‘both’. To this very day I regret moving the P3 on and keeping the LP12 :see_no_evil:


I just assumed they closed business many many years ago. Good to hear they are still going.


Am I right in thinking that a variant of the Armageddon is used to power up the Phonosophie?

Yes it is. It is called naim P3PS and is hosted in an olive shoebox.
From design it is a modified nap140.
It is an original naim product.

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My own perception is that Linn’s game went a bit off in the late 90s and early 2000s, but they seem to have come back on form in recent years. I upgraded to a Klimax Radikal, then a Karousel, and, on balance, I’m happier with the sound than I’ve ever been. That said, the current Linn house sound could be described as “high end digital,” and that seems to have affected the LP12 to some degree. I would welcome a bit more flesh and blood on the skeleton.

I’ve seen several comments from Armageddon fans to the effect that the new Radikal 2 is the first Linn PS that would tempt them away from the 'Geddon. I haven’t heard it, but I will definitely check it out at some point, especially as Linn are offering a good price on an upgrade package.


It’s an interesting perspective Corry. I much preferred the original Xerxes to the Linn back in the day. I now have a Linn and I suspect losing all that ‘flesh and blood’ explained my change of mind. Never heard a Phonosophie but I do remember photos of JV next to his…


Nice thread by the way… there are some people telling me, that my old TT is really good. But that he is so good to be mentioned here - makes me happy.
Not in the mood of changing as the whole system is top notch 90s naim as I always admired it back in the days (at phonosophie shop)

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Good morning, enjoying this in our study system with an Nait 2 and IBL. Will transfer to active main system later!


Legendary cartridge FR1 Mk3!

I also wanted a Aro/Pink Link back in the day :slight_smile: