LPS voltage requirements

I’m in a quandary.
I have a 19v music server from the Audiostore. It’s a year old and I always promised myself a LPS. However, the Audiostore have had problems sourcing components for their own LPS. Martin has been very helpful; however, the LPS I was about to buy did not perform well, so he withdrew it, and suggested another make. But the suggested item does not provide a 19v output.
Therefore, for you technically minded folk, how critical is it for the voltage output to match the server’s requirements?

I’d stick with the 19v output requirement and check whatever solution you choose can deliver the peak current requirements your Audiostore server requires. What other supply is Martin recommending as he should be able to advise the best alternative solution ?

Does the server sit next to the main system or is it located elsewhere ? I’m just curious as to why you want to add a LPS to the server ?

First Martin was building his own; that proved problematic, then he was looking for someone to build them for him. As a result, he suggested a Teddy Pardo, but the server stopped working during tests. He suggested that I try Keces but their voltage output was lower than 19v.

The server is on a rack near to a Cisco switch, and above 4x’qutes; they are all under the stairs. The main system is the other side of the stair lobby.

As to why use a LPS, I am under the impression that a LPS would take a potential source of interference away from the server. I could move the server to elsewhere on my LAN; but I’m still minded to get a LPS for it as I think it’s a useful upgrade. Am I wrong?

If it wants 19V, you should give it 19V. Make sure it’s getting enough current too. You need to know how many Amps it’s rated at, and choose a power supply that can give it that, or a little more.
I don’t think it’s automatically true that linear PSUs are better than SMPSs. Linn and Chord use them extensively in their amps, and the built in supply in my Cisco switch is very quiet, so I guess they’re not all as bad as those cheap wall warts.

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A french hifi site has a ,lpsu100 rated at 19v and 5 amps for under 300 euros…so they can be found. Not sure how good it is perhaps @frenchrooster can comment.

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I think it something you’d need to try yourself. See if you can borrow one to try first.

I can understand a LPS possibly making a difference if you were connecting to a DAC via USB or you had the server next to the Hi-Fi and had to share the same local mains block. There are quite a few options to upgrade my Roon Nucleus power supply of varying prices. My Nucleus sits far away from my system, connected over Ethernet via two good quality switches and uses the house mains rather than the dedicated supply. I can’t see that changing the supplied SMPS to an LPS would help in any way here.

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You would have to consult the manufacturer of the server to find out the minimum (or maximum) voltage requirement for good performance, and the maximum current demand, which the PS must be capable of supplying.

I agree with ChrisSU that an LPS does not guarantee better performance of the server, nor better sound from the DAC through less RF as it depends on the specific DAC and its susceptibility. And if it is serving over a network as opposed to direct, any RF noise could be negligible compared to that picked up via the network, or filtered out by, say, the final network switch if it does that. I suggest unless very cheap only buying if you can return if not satisfied.

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I have an Audiophonics french lps for my router, at 12v. It can be ordered at different voltages. It made a little improvement.
It costs around 250 euros. But can’t really comment outside of the use I have with it. Not sure it will really uplift a Nas, Server, or switch, because I had some different lps since like Israeli one, Hdplex, Farad, Uptone Js 2, Lps 1.2, MCRU, and always found that a real improvement comes with something substantial.( not cheap).
The less expensive I had was the Ifi power, and it made the less effect.
For money and 19v possibility, I would recommend strongly the Hdplex 300 or 400 W.

There is a review on Roon Nucleus on Absolute Sound. The reviewer uses an Hdplex.

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Thanks FR good feedback👍

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Thanks chaps - Very helpful.
I will resist the urge to buy a LPS for now.
I should say that the server is on a dedicated spur along with the Cisco, ‘Qutes and router. I do have another location on a spur, but it’s earth is not as good, and other locations at the top of the house on my LAN. So if it would help I could move it, but I’m not sure it’s worth it.

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