Lucinda Williams hi def

Good Souls Better Angels

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Sorry, meant to say that I think this is possibly Lucinda’s first 96/24 release. I’m half way through the first listen and it’s great.

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Great album!

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Got it last Friday from HD Tracks, excellent album and a reasonably price.

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What is the point?

I love Hi Def and it sounds great on my system. But this album is raw, it’s frazzled, fried and lo fi.

That said for under £10 for the hi def it is a steal but I think the 16 bit suits this type of recording - no point gilding the lily.

I’m surprised you think that I thought it sounded wonderful. I bought a WAV 96/24 file. However I haven’t listened to another format.

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Oh yes it is a brilliant album musicianship and songwriting are amazing but my point is it’s lo fi. It’s like buying The Fall in Hi def why would you?

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Interesting, i will give the 16 bit version a play.

Cause I don’t have to leave the house and I get it in 3 minutes.

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Sounds great streamed from Qobuz. I love that lofi production and rhythmic feel that 96/24 really helps to capture… that isn’t just quite there on the decimated 44.1/16 version.
I love the reverb and space around her compressed voice on you Can’t Rule Me, and the amps and guitar work sound great… Fender amps for Mathis, and she uses a Victoria 5112… nice, and you can see why they have that lovely valve dirty harmonic sound, again that richness comes through more on the 96/24… love it.


I agree it’s got that garage feel about it similar to Angie McMahon’s Salt. Love the sound and content of the lyrics. Only wish there were more honest recording like this.


I’ve stopped looking at HDtracks as all we usually get in Australia is “This product is not currently available due to region restrictions.” So unnecessary in the (once) global world. (and yes I know all about VPN)

It’s a problem on 2 accounts, firstly you’re trying to do the right thing a buy them rather than steal, secondly it’s not as if they are available as a hi res file anywhere else.

I use a IP blocker and an address of a place we stayed in LA last time. Payment is easy if you use PayPal.

There is nothing lo fi about Lucinda Williams recordings. I think you are confusing a dirty sounding distorted guitar with lo fi.

It is a ‘lofi production’ style … which I do like. Coupled with soft distortion of old valve amps, slightly soft clipped voices and creative use of compression and other production tecniques can create a wonderful slightly retro vibe and feel… which goes hand in glove with the music… lovely.

Hi Pete, I don’t know if you are using a figure of speech, but I am just checking you are aware that you physically can’t block an IP address… otherwise you would not be able to communicate and receive anything back.
So if using a tunnel or VPN to a remote proxy server, you are simply putting an extra chain in your communication link, and the far end will be communicating with your remote proxy server IP address not your client IP address… and if this proxy is in a different country it can bypass geolocation restrictions, hence why you might be using it.
However your IP address will be known and visible to your proxy server provider, and depending on where that server is, records will be kept of your IP address for law enforcement and cyber security purposes.

If you know this already please disregard.

I’m not sure of the technical side of it but I do know it allows to go through a server in the States that in turn allows me to purchase hi res files from HD Tracks. I hate having to do it but it’s the only way we can get access to most of these files.

Indeed it may well allow you to do this… it’s just if anyone was minded to investigate, your transactions would be fully traceable back to you from an IP address perspective, if your proxy service provider was keeping records and/or acting lawfully depending on jurisdiction.
I am sure not an issue, I was just pointing out your IP address is not actually ‘blocked’.

Good thing you don’t work there. :grin:

Bottom line is they should be available, I do the right thing and pay for my music rather than try to steal it like many others. These record companies turn honest people into criminals.

Don’t disagree :grinning: