Lumin streamers and Naim

Hi nbpf,
There are about a million options and in fact and I’ve looked at most of them. As I mentioned, I’m a bit wearing of checking, tweaking, verifying, re-connecting, changing, upgrading, switching, comparing all sorts of cables and whatnot…to start peacefully listening to music again. I have four systems in the house and all sorts of ridiculous material everywhere. On the Naim SN2 rig, which is the living room, I was hoping for a one-box solution for that costs less than Naim and looks as good as it sounds…or sounds as good as it looks. The Allo stuff may be nice but it is somewhat unsightly. Chord DACs are probably nice but the designers think we are all young PC gamers who enjoy flashing lights and Xmas decorations. The list goes on and on. The Auralic products looks nice but seem to have massive user complaints. Lumin appears to look and sound nice, with all its faults. Will just to have to home audition and hear for myself. If it sucks, definitely won’t keep it. Thanks for the suggestions.


Salut FR,
Yes, OK but 2200 is already a stretch and the ND5xs2 has no visual indications for 500€ more (screen with atleast some playback data). I don’t doubt it sounds nice however. It’s frankly a shame that Naim hasn’t proposed a more-entry level product for the poor people among us. It’s nice to maintain a semi-elitist status but they thereby exclude a segment of potential customers.

Hi jhs,
Are you saying that you preferred the ND5XS to both the Lumin D2 and the A1? I’m gigabit hardwired already. Still convinced that the Lumin D2 could marry well with the SN2 and Sonus faber Cremona Auditor Ms. The D1 had no negative press reviews and the D2 only has one negative review…from a Naim owner!

Hi Crystal,
I fully agree with previous comments about Chinese-made goods. I despise them as a rule. I’ve had to work in China and with Chinese companies. It has not been a reassuring experience over the years. I, like everyone on Earth, have owned horrific Chinese products that were of terrible quality.

However, times are changing and with strict supervision and clear, proven industrial processes and methods, there is no reason why Chinese-made products cannot be properly built and perform well. This is more and more often the case. If we all eliminated every Chinese product in our home at this very instant, it would suddenly become surprisingly roomier…So, after a home audition, finding a good dealer in France, verifying their warranty (fully valid in FR), it may be a good addition, we’ll see… Another point, Lumin support appears to be very good. They are very helpful on several forums, including on Roon, which I use and enjoy. Will update once the time is right.

Is it possible to control the Lumin streamers with the BubbleUPnP app or with Linn Kazoo or is one forced to use the Lumin app?

You should be able to.

No flashing lights on DAVE; lights out after a few seconds and only while you’re adjusting the digital preamp (e.g. attenuating volume); Etude has no lights. Blu2 has a minimal display. Chord styling is idiosyncratic, but units aren’t big, it’s hardly visible in my setup. Looks like an empty Fraim with Blu2 on top unless you move in close: of course, not everybody likes the look of a Fraim. I’m not sure about Table Top range, original Hugo, which I use as an occasional portable, does have lights. but not too intrusive.

Naim’s green logos are more intrusive in my view.

Ethernet ports have nasty flashing lights though on some kit you can turn these off.

I’ve never played a PC game - I once played the Graham Gouch Cricket Game on a Commodore 64, but no computer games since. I used a Sony PS3 to rip SACDs.

That is a good positive note - hardware support is something I like to check out.

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I have a lot of sympathy with this. A central polity that is carrying out reeducation of the Uighurs, and large western conglomorites who are willing to bend the knee including supporting them in hiding facts from their populace. Freedom dies in darkness. Do our values mean more than the bottom line, or our enjoyment.

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Perhaps the Lumin will even sounds better, I don’t know finally. But it will not have the naim typical sound.
As for screens, it’s something that tends to fail . But yes, it looks nicer with.
Report when you will hear the Lumin. Studio hifi Versailles sells both. You can listen and compare there.

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Thanks, FR. Will report back once I do the home demo. BTW, I still believe much of the Naim PRaT will come from the last link to the speakers, in my case the SN2 which is responsible for amplifying the audio signal input. Not denying that Naim source would plead for system synergy, but the amplifier has a major role in the final restitution.

Hi Tiberio,
Still somewhat tempted by the QuTest…which has a fancy integrated discotheque fireworks display…but it could be hidden a bit. You mention the Dave…but gee whiz, you do know how much that costs!

I once heard a naim system ( 282/250) with ps source. Something was lacking. Mr Choukroun put , to my ask, the cdx2. A smile on my faces from the first seconds.
I will not bother you more. Try yourself, I am curious to read you.

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Is Alain Choukroun still selling hifi? If so, he’s been doing it for more than 30 years…(your comments are helpful, not bothersome!)

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Yes still. But trying to give his son the management. Don’t have seen him since 2 years.

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Yes I know, but I was lucky enough to get a decent discount. I have a Chord Choral System (Blu2-DAVE-Etude) on a Naim Fraim and am delighted with it.

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I was under the impression that the DAC plays a crucial role in defining the sound signature of a system. I might be mistaken, of course. It would be great if you could demo the Lumin against the NDX XS 2. From the aesthetical point of view, I personally prefer the headless ND5 XS 2 to the NDX 2. But that’s a mater of taste, of course.

No matter what you do in the end, please let us know your findings. I share very much your concerns on what belongs to a living room and what doesn’t: I would not want to see many boxes or a hifi rack there. I have the SN2, the nDAC, an Oppo 203 and a JS-2 on Vitsoe 606 shelfs. The DigiOne Signature and all the cables are in a 606 cabinet.



I think the ND5 XS 2 does sound better than the D2. The A1 sounds better than the Naim and the D2. A1 is quite a bit better—but it’s costs a lot more.

The D2 is incredibly good for the money! Well built, great app, great support.

It’s all about SQ.
How it looks on the rack is meaningless.
Whether it has a screen the size of a fag packet is irrelevant.
All the data you want on a screen will be right in front of you on the screen of your control device.
Don’t confuse yourself wishing for something which you don’t need.
If the designer had spent more on adding a screen, she would have had less to spend on the actual streamer components that matter.
Focus on SQ and you won’t go wrong.

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Sorry but how it looks also plays apart. It could be the best sounding thing in the world but if it doesnt suit my house and tastes it won’t make it in at all. I for one cant stand the design of any of the Chord range I have seen, ugly to the core and will have no place in my home. If I was 20 years younger and living in a designer apartment in central London then possibly. But that’s not going to happen.


Indeed, wise advice.