Luxman M900 U

Spent Saturday at my dealers open day
I was listing to a dem of Luxman M900u x2 mono blocks with Luxman C 900 pre I was very impressed with what I heard so I asked could I spend a few days with them at home in my own system Chord Dave Mcaler Roon Nucules + Kef reference 3
I won’t be sending them back my CDs ripped to my Name core have never sounded so good
When I started to play 256/512 DSDs It was like I have never heard the albums before well worth a listen
The dem at my dealers was into B&W 800 but I was not disappointed by my KEFs.


Although Luxman have totally different preference for transformers (linear block transforners instead of toroids), they share a large number of design philosophies with Naim.

  • star earthing.
  • over engineered PCB rails
  • preference for regulated power amps
  • preference for Ti DAC chips of the same family as Naim favor.
  • Regular recapping and legacy product servicing.

Those mono blocks are discontinued for a while now in Japan but are pretty legendary. Their current designs favor all stereo power amps with a bridged-mono mode to turn them into monoblocks.

I often think if I couldn’t do Naim, I’d like to give Luxman a try. I plan on treating myself to one of their entry level valve amps for a workshop system.


Just so people know the gorgeous bits of kit you are referring to.

The preamp

The Monoblocks

This is their absolute flagship stuff. I actually thought, when you said “monoblock” you must be referring to the discontinued b1000-f. But you are in fact referring to the stereo M900-u in bridged mono mode I take it. Still incredible stuff.


I am thanks for posting the photos.

the pre amp costs 11k€ ??

About the same price as a 252 with SC.

They have one range higher, which I mentioned with the b1000-f monoblock and there is a matching c1000 preamp. But that range has a limited production run and is marked “discontinued” at birth. There is still new unsold stock out there though. That’s closer to the 500 series price tags.

I always admire Luxman for their build quality and timeless 70’s aesthetic.

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