Lyle Mays RIP

Lyle Mays gone at age 66.

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Very sad. He ways the keyboardist of Pat Metheny on many albums. 66 is young, he was ill ?

“Long battle with a recurring illness” according to the press release.

Very, very saddened to read this, he was a brilliant musician, composer and performer, and his work with Pat Metheny was astonishingly good.

RIP Lyle.

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Very sad to hear, RIP Lyle.

Pat and Lyle’s As falls Witchita so falls Witchita Falls was my introduction to Pat Metheny and ECM, bought after reading review in Hi Fi News at the time of release

It is one of my lifetime albums and on the very frequently, Sunday night most recently.


He was one of those people who was missing in action for so long - just disappeared and gave up the music business - maybe this is the reason why.

What always amazed me about him was his fingers were so long.

Just love his stuff.

The first time I saw him was at Metheny concert, late 80´s. I was sitting very far away from the stage. I thought he was a woman playing keyboards.

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