Lyra Etna SL and Aro?

Hi,just wondered whether anyone has experience of a Lyra Etna SL in an Aro? I think I read somewhere that the Etna has lots of energy and doesn’t really suit the Aro, is that true?

I’m currently using a Lyra Kleos SL in my Tangerine LP12 (Stiletto/Skorpion) which is great, but want to plan ahead and identify what options I should be considering/ listening to, in the future.

Ruling out an Etna wouldn’t be a problem as its expensive and I’m thinking that maybe getting a better cable between my phono(Superline/SupercapDR/Airplug) and 552DR would be a better allocation of funds anyway , reducing cartridge running costs and allowing a kleos SL to really sing. I have a Hiline at present but would be happy to consider a Chord Sarum T or even a Chord Music cable in the near future.

My LP12 has a Klimax Radikal/ChordSSA and Keel and plays into active 300DR i to SL2s (Supercap DR on the Snaxo). I would like to have one last fling at my front end then,hopefully, I’m done.

Any other suggestions would be welcome. Maybe a Tangerine Eklipse as well?

Thanks for your help.

KJK-I have a LP-12 and ran an Aro with Etna SL and then Javelin with same Etna SL with no problems. I never tried the Kleos so cannot help you with that comparison… The Etna SL is a great performer.
Your concern with IC from phono stage to pre is very interesting. I found that this IC was the most important for my ears when I was doing cable comparisons in my system. I had a Sarum Super after Linn Silvers and then ultimately switched to the Music. IME, the Music is where you want to go for this IC. Max out this cable before all others :grinning:

Many thanks, much appreciated, its good to know that the Etna worked fine with your Aro.
I was very impressed with the chord super sarum which I added to my naim 52 a couple of years ago (before I got my 552) .It really opened up the music so I can fully understand where you’re coming from regarding the Chord Music on the Superline.
Unfortunately I can’t afford both an Etna and Chord Music so I’ll have to do some listening but the Music with the Kleos could be very interesting!

Yes, get the Music first imo…You may be surprised what more the Kleos has to offer!

You will get excellent advice from Nigel Crump, Synergy, the UK company representing Lyra here. I run an Etna SL with an Ekos SE on a Tangerine Audio LP12, Superline and Supercap into a 552. Can be extraordinary and so it should. Not all bought at once!
I have had my Etna for about 15 months and in the meantime the cartridge has had an uprade called the “lambda” and a price increase. £7450. It is a better tracker but mine has zero issues on this. Nigel told me the slightly cheaper non SL is perhaps better suited to rock music; my listerning is mostly classical big orchestra with a bigger soundstage from the SL version. I did enquire about the Atlas, note enquire only, and this has too much energy for the Linn SE arm.
You may need to look at cartridge loading to get the best from the Etna.
Cartridge purchase can be tricky as a dealer or home demo is not really practical.
Get as much advice as you can. Its a brilliant cartridge, the best I have ever owned. The boron cantilever is very exposed and there is a big bolt offset on the front making queing a tricky job till you get used to if. I use a small torch in poor light.
If you go for it you can wonder why CD was invented.

PS: The Lyra Etna SL has a lower output from the non SL version. About 2.5 from memory. Worth checking you MC stage has sufficient gain to cope with this.

Hi Douglas, many thanks for your very helpful input. I have a ‘standard’ superline that works very well with my current Kleos Sl so hopefully would also be a good match for an Etna sl or a 'lambda version?
The cost of the cartridge is beginning to frighten me as the Lambda is a £1000 or so more expensive than the etna! I’ll have to see whether the cheaper version remains in production, as financially this would be more bearable. Of course, i’ll have to listen to the various options in due course, but as you say this could be tricky, especially as my good friend Derek Jenkins who looked after me since the early 1990s is sadly no longer with us. Such a lovely bloke who was a master of his craft.
Loading wise, I’m still using a 453 R airplug (no cap) with my Kleos SL which played well with my previous Dynavector Rua so I think I may need to look at that first. Very occasionally, on some less good recorded/pressed rock albums the music gets a tad ‘shouty’ at high frequences and a couple of times I’ve noticed very faint sibilance on female vocals, so looking at loadings seems to make sense. I would be very interested to know what you’re currently using with your Superline and Etna.
Thanks again for your help.

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Hello KJK, the price of the Etna SL, Lambda, at £7450 is Lyra’s current cartridge and they have done the same with the Atlas. If you trash or wear out a pre lambda cartridge then its rebuilt to lambda spec at I think about £4500. All these are scary sums hence advice is the key. As a hint from Nigel at Synergy I got the feeling the upgrade was not massive, but worthwhile at rebuild time.
I had a Micro Benz SLR before the Etna. It was 10 years old, light use, as my default source is a CD555. I took the view that the age was significant and time for a replacement. Two factors, one a stunning review in HFN and a throw away remark by Derek Jenkins to the effect once you get over the cost you won’t regret it. With P/E on the Benz and pre lambda I came in at £6K and that was enough for me.
Derek J was a genius with all TTs and of course the LP12. He rebuilt mine over the years as upgrades came through from Linn and Tangerine. As you may know he was on his way to KJ in the West End and just pegged out in a cafe round the corner. I had many a chat with him at his “office” at the back of Infidelity in Kingston.
Cartridge loading. If you do go for the Etna best to get your dealer to do a home demo between 500 and 1000 loadings. I forget which I went for. They make a subtle differance at an extra £320 the pair. Its not marked on the product/invoice or box. Naim part nos are AIRPLUG-1-25066 and AIRPLUG-C-25067. A very few disks sound a touch bright. Recording?
If funds allow and you have a lot of vinyl then very worthwhole.

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Hi Douglas, many thanks, lots to think about. I’m certainly sticking with Lyra, the question is whether it should be the Etna Lambda SL or stay with the Kleos SL + improvements to the Superline ( Chord Music ic). Ideally I would like the Lambda and the Chord Music ( subject to listening ) , maybe thats something for the future, funds permitting ( and my hearing holding out)! Vinyl is my main source and I have a few thousand records plus i play the system probably 2-3 hours very day, so I think the expense would be justified, given the amount of pleasure my music currently gives me.

I think my plan of action then is to sort out the best loading for the Lyra / Superline in my system and then loan a Chord Music cable to see how this goes with the Kleos Sl. This will then give me a benchmark when I come to listen to the Lambda. I’m hoping that the Lambda won’t need a different loading from the Kleos.

I’ll also have to listen to a Tangerine Elkipse and also the Linn Karousel, although based my past experiences of Linn upgrades( Radikal and Keel) and the positive reviews from users, the Karousel does seems a bit of a no brainer.

Thanks again for your input- much appreciated.

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