Lyrical genius with Musical Symbiosis

Since my Vinyl obsession started I’ve been completely enlightened to a who new world of musical genius. At the top of the pile for me seems to be “The Cramps” I really can’t believe I haven’t been blessed with this band until recently.

Anybody else would like to share some fun lyrics?

With tongue in cheek here’s a taste of that genius. Pls do not be offended as you could read in a misogynistic message, that is not my intention. It’s what was happening back in the day, man likes women and the game we all take (or took🤩) part in.
I’d recommend tracking the song down if you feel you have the time.

Whoa…there’s some things baby I just can’t swallow. Mama told me that girls are hollow. Uh-uh…What’s inside a girl? Somethin’s tellin’ me there’s a whole nuther world. Ya gotta pointy bra…ten inch waist. Long black stockings all over the place. Boots…buckles…belts outside. Whatcha got in there yer tryin’ a-hide? Hmmm? What’s inside a girl? Ain’t no hotter question in a so-called civilized world. Can’t see it by satellite baby that’s cheatin’. The President’s callin’ an emergency meetin’. The King of Siam sent a telegram sayin’ “Wop bop a loop a lop a lop boom bam!” Wooee…What’s inside a girl? Somethin’s tellin’ me there’s a whole nuther world. Whatcha got…whatcha got…Whatcha got in the pot? Whatcha got…whatcha got…Whatcha got in the pot? In the bottom of your bottomless bodypit. You got somethin’ and I gotta get it. Come onnn…What’s inside a girl? Like da itty bitty baby takes apart his toys. I’m gonna find what’s rilin’ up the boys. Sugar and spice is just a bluff. You can tell me baby…what is that stuff?! Come on…What’s inside a girl? That wavy gravy got my head in a whirl.


God bless Lux and Poison Ivy!
Your post has prompted me to drag our old and battered Cramps LPs for some partyin’…ah, memories!

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Intergenerational partying with the Cramps!!
Looking at your system I’d suggest they will sound like you have never herd them before!
“Crank up the Cramps”:partying_face:

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