Mac frustration …

I used Migration assistant - worked fine with a direct cable connection.

Same problem with @me email with the same error: connections to host automatically added for iOS and OS mail on default ports failed. I’ve followed online advice to no avail.

I’ve yet to try adding the Naim app.

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I think the solution may lie in iCloud. This might help:

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Naim app seems to run ok on my M1, though practicality limited as the Nova is downstairs and the M1 upstairs in the study.

Migration assistant seems to work very well on the limited occasions I’ve used it.

I think my annoyance with TM backups is primarily ones which are network based not directly to an attached drive. An old WD NAS had Time Machine capability but that got corrupted and all too often my computers backing up to a Time Capsule seemed to take an eternity to complete with minimal changes from the previous backups.

There’s a newer (to me anyway) option whereby you can share a folder say on an attached external drive to be used as a Time Machine destination - annoyingly it only seems to work for other Macs on the network, not the one hosting the Share which would need its own TM destination. I’m probably missing something.

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How odd. If settings were messed up on the old Mac for email possibly they’ve been migrated across? The question would be how they got messed up to begin with.

Presumably you can still access email fine via iCloud in Safari.

I often get server connection errors on my iPhone that I don’t see elsewhere, and one of my email clients no longer allow me to send from certain aliases but can receive fine.

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A few days down the line, I can now receive email addressed to my @me address but can’t send any. Is there a way to set a default email address? Looks like I’ll have to migrate to the cloud.

Mail>Preferences>Accounts>Account Information

In the email field there should be a dropdown to select the default sending email or alias.

Are they all there?

I think to change or delete aliases you have to use Mail in iCloud - I have .mac, .me and icloud variants for my primary email and 5 aliases - 18 in all. I don’t change them as fewer are available under icloud so if you delete any aliases you may not get a spare customisable new one.

The hide my email feature is good though generates very random addresses, but you need a cloud storage package package for this. It also gives you icloud private relay (a bit like a VPN).

Under Server Settings you might want to check the ougoing mail acount is set to the the iCloud one:

Screenshot 2022-11-05 at 09.35.38

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