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Hi, I recently updated to Mac OS Catalina and my Mu-So speakers have disappeared from Airplay. Everything still works fine using the speakers via Airplay on my iPhone & iPad, but Catalina has lost them! The speakers appear in the ‘Home’ app, although I can’t do anything to make my Mac find them. Has anybody else found this, and/or can anyone advise me whether this is a "Naim’ issue, or a Catalina one?

Please be gentle with me, I’m not an expert in these things and this is my first post! Any advice gratefully received.


Hi Andy. I’ve heard so many complaints about Catalina that I’m holding off on the update. This is more of a thought than a suggestion: Naim just updated its app to Airplay 2. Could it be that you’re using the older version of Airplay?

Hi, I’m running Catalina on a newer Macbook Pro, and I have no problem using both my Atom and my Mu-So QB. Both are visible/accessible from within the Music app, as well as from the menu-bar at the top of the screen. I would expect that, if all units are connected to the same network, it should work as usual.

Not exactly related to airplay but I have not upgraded to Catalina as too many programs on my Mac won’t run on Catalina, including Word, which will try to force me into a monthly subscription to Office 365.
I refuse to pay for that subscription, as I paid for Word less than 2 years ago, I only use Word very occasionally and never use any of the other associated software.

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I have Word, Excel & PowerPoint running on Catalina without problem. However, I have found no benefit from this so called upgrade. It really is quite poor given Apple’s high standards IMO.

No support for 32 bit and some of my AppleScripts no longer work because Apple has renamed some things for the sake of it.

FWIW: I just dumped the Microsoft Office suite (I had the old Office 2010 or something) and use the Apple suite. I very rarely do any word processing, and I switched to using Numbers many years ago. On the rare occasion I get an Office document to open, the Apple programs work just fine.


I had a similar issue with MS Office 2008. Found MS Office 2019 for £29 on-line and it has worked a treat.

This is a one time payment, rather than the yearly subscription fee to Microsoft for Office 365.

Best regards, BF


Interesting, I’m still running Office for Mac 2011, and there’s no way I’m going to pay a monthly sub to Microsoft. The official price for a one-off purchase appears to be £119 for use on a single device - I might have to do a bit of digging for a cheap deal…unless you’d care to divulge!?

Apologies to the OP for the thread drift.

Apologies for the drift on this one.
Try “Fast Software Microsoft Office 2019” in your favourite search engine. £29.99 less a 15% discount if you sign up to a newsletter.

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I updated my iMac to Catalina and when I saw the pop-up stating that Catalina wasn’t compatible with Word and Word required updating, I clicked on the link and it took me directly to the Office 365 monthly subscription page. No other option.
Like you, I won’t pay a monthly subscription for something I rarely use but is useful to have.
I had no idea I could simply “buy” MS Office 2019 - although it still annoys me as I had “bought” MS Office less than 2 years ago when I bought a new MacBook Pro, which I am still reluctant to update to Catalina.
Apologies for the hi-jacking of the original thread.

I’d emphasise what someone else has already said in the thread: Apple’s Pages and Numbers apps are by no means bad replacements for their equivalent MS apps (and they are free, after all). I have Word and Excel 2019 on my MacBook Pro but have consciously migrated to the Apple apps as I have no wish to pay for any further upgrade to the Office apps.

There are some minor annoyances with the Apple apps (e.g., rather strange automated paragraph numbering in legal format in Pages and inability to skip blank data in Numbers graphs) but the transition was very easy on the whole.


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I have found the same, I wouldn’t pay for office myself either.

The trouble I found with using the Apple apps, is that for some things, such as printing a sheet of “Word” formatted labels to a particular label stock (such as J8160), it doesn’t actually work terribly well with the print positions not being accurate.

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