Mac users - Sonoma upgrade bad?

Any Mac users here suffering after the Sonoma OS upgrade? I’m running a c2020 MBA and feel like it’s significantly slower versus the old Ventura OS.


It’s working fine for me.

No. Both Intel Mac and MacBook with the M1 Pro are as quick as before. Figure out if you have a particular program running in the background running that slows it down.

My personal computer is a M2 MacBook Air. I upgraded to Sonoma and it runs just fine so far.

After the next minor is released if that continues working well enough then I plan to upgrade my work computer, a M1 Max MacBook Pro (used for software development).


The only issue I have is Safari taking about 30seconds to load and a strange request via antivirus software to agree to some request.

Can’t find easy fix for either of them. Otherwise works fine.

MacBook Air M1

MacBook Pro M1 Pro chip
Sonoma works fine

consistent theme here - everyone on apple silicon

MacMini M-1 running fine on public beta, although I’ve had to close Roon control as it was taking up a lot of resources. Just as well I was listening to the cricket not music.

Roon is running fine on my MacBook Air M2, although I only use it as a controller, not a server.

Mac mini m1 all good here.


No issues yet - only done an hour ago though

MacOS Sonoma works fine for me on both M2 Mac Mini, and M2 MacBook Pro.

There is one problem for me is that I use the Screen Sharing App to remotely control the headless M2 Mini, which is a server for running the HQ Player and Apple Music. So when I play music, the audio is output to my local MacBook Pro, and there is no Screen Sharing settings to disable it.

Sonoma fine on my M1 mbp except that my printer refuses to print anything from it. Adds to the queue but permanently pauses the printing

Had trouble with my Canon printer after the update downloaded the Canon driver update and all is fine.

Not managed to find the appropriate HP update. Am hoping will resolve itself with updates. And if I airdrop the document onto my iPad I can print from that. I don’t print very often anyway

On the whole ok with M2 Mac Studio, some minor issues mostly sorting out security and privacy settings when installing software. Some minor network problems but working OK with my 15 year old Apple 30 inch Cinema Displays.


I wish I’d never upgraded to Sonoma. Quite a few problems, but the biggest one was it affected Photoshop badly and I’ve had to do 10 days of work using it. Messed me up.

works fine, both on my MacBook Pro 2018 and MacBook Air M1.

What other options are there?