MacBook Pro v HDX


I wanted to manually copy to my Synology NAS, a couple of albums recently ripped on my HDX.

Normally, this is dead simple, involving two side by side Finder windows, one showing the contents of the MQ folder on the HDX, and the other showing the contents of the music folder on the Synology, and is a simple drag 'n drop from one to the other.

The MacBook, however, seems unable to connect with the HDX, which remains visible both on the Naim desktop app. on the Mac, and on the nServe app on my iPad.

Using the Net Analyser app. the HDX’s i.p. address remains as before, so why can’t my MacBook connect with it?

I’ve re-booted everything, including the HDX and the Cisco Switch, and the HDX confirms that it is connected to the LAN.

I should mention that the HDX is functioning normally on the LAN, serving choons to my streamer.

Any ideas?

Perhaps something relative to SMB1 , to enable in the MacBook…
Just a vague memory from another thread…

It’s beginning to look as though the problem lies with my new MacBook Pro, running OSX Catalina, which, apparently, does not support the SMB1 protocol.

I believe it’s possible to to some editing to force it to do so, but that’s way beyond my scope of IT knowledge.

I’ve raised a ticket with with folks at Naim to enquire whether I can resolve the issue within system / network settings on the HDX. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

Might not work if Catalina has removed support but try Forklift from the Mac AppStore - I’ve had several older versions and couldn’t believe how easy it was to transfer stuff from a Raspberry Pi with it with virtually no configuration.

Version 2 supposedly free, version 3 from Binarynights.

Works for me on the MAC for years including Catalina and now Big Sur.

Open Finder and in the top menu bar select Go and then Connect to Server
Enter smb://nshdxd316
Click Connect
Connect as Guest
Then you can choose, based on your HDX model Music, (ripped by HDX) or Downloads (added by the user itself)

Hope it helps.


Give that man a lollipop!

Followed your instructions, but still wouldn’t connect.

Tried again, this time with the known IP address of the HDX and … Bingo! … we have contact.

Many thanks indeed for you help, you clever person. :clap: :clap:

Keeping the HDX and Unitiserve discoverable on a PC or Mac has, it seems, always been a bit of a minefield. A few years ago my US would regularly disappear from the Finder for no obvious reason. I don’t seem to have the problem these days (including with Catalina) although the appearance of the US in the column on the L side of the Finder window is still wildly erratic. Fortunately if it’s not there I can just click on Network and it’s always listed there.

Yes, Chris, it was still there in finder, via “network “, but my MacBook just wouldn’t connect to it, to allow access to the MQ folder containing the CD rips.

Following the advice above, and entering the known IP address has resolved things, and all is well. :crossed_fingers:

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