macOS Big Sur (11.0.1)

Just upgraded to this and have no problems accessing my UnitiServe on the network.

One small issue on N-serve is that all albums now have a > in front of the name.

Haven’t braved this yet due to some issues with bootable backups. Glad to hear your not experiencing too many teething problems.

Have tried Big Sur (11.0.1) and found it incompatible with Vuze my torrent client and Super Duper my recovery program so have reverted to Catalina .

No problems here

I don’t need macOS for any aspect of my hifi life (except a vinyl cataloging app), but I’m holding off upgrading it for a bit since since my job is 100% dependant on my Mac functioning correctly.

I’m keeping my eyes out to see how others get on with the upgrade.

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I am not very impressed, apart from the GUI differences from the Catalina, nothing is better, actually it is worse than the previous MacOS in term of performance and reliability. But things may change as Big Sure gets more mature.

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What performance issues are you having, and with which Mac model(s)?

I can understand reliabilty concerns. It’s a brand new OS that might need some teething. My problem is that 10.15.6 and 10.15.7 introduced a BT regression I haven’t dealt with in years.

I have a MacBook Pro 16 with 64 GB RAM, which I bought this year. As far as I can see, it performs more sluggish than before both from the UI point of view (mouse click, keyboard typing, search, etc.) plus a general responsiveness.

Personally, I do not think the general look-and-feel is better, it is just different from previous versions. I hope this will improve over time.

Just checked on my 2012 MBP and it’s running Mojave 10.14.1. No offer of an update yet. All good. No need for me to explore further.

MacBook Pro late 2013 or later required for Big Sur. Move along, nothing to see here. :slightly_smiling_face:


OK, thanks but I hear nothing convincing or specific enough to stop me from upgrading. I may do it during our Thanksgiving break when I have 5 days off work. If I don’t like it I can restore to where I was before.

It is functional, I have found nothing broken yet. But be prepared for a bloating macOS, since it has all kinds of things in there for Intel, Apple Silicon, iPad, iOS, etc.

OK. Thanks for the feedback. Disk space isn’t a big issue for me. I can offload stuff if necessary. OTOH, there’s no rush for me to upgrade. I am using my Mac for work so I just need to make sure my tools work, but this isn’t the forum that’s going to help me with the info I need there anyway.

The Maps upgrade for bike routes is sonewhat compelling though.

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Cool. Thought it might be something like that. My MBP is over 8 years old now and still going strong. A new battery/keyboard module a few years back, but honestly, it’s great. Best VFM computing ever.


I still have a 2012 Mac Mini that’s cranking along just fine, although I don’t really have a use for it anymore. :man_shrugging:

I use mine everyday, but not for anything high-powered. Photo editing is on a 27" iMac. The 5k iMac screen is to-die-for.

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I write software and use two 1080p monitors. An ultra hidef screen would be wasted on me.

For work I run big spreadsheets. I use widescreen Dells. The right tools for the job, eh?

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After installation my free disk space increased by about 20GB.

It may be re-indexing so should improve.

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