MacOS Catalina Update - Roon Core cannot access attached SSD

I foolishly upgraded to Catalina on my Mac which holds my Roon core. Roon can no longer access my SSD drive where I store my music - only my Tidal and Qobuz titles are available.
A quick google last night showed that it appears to be a known problem - anyone got any idea when it may be solved?

Any one else seen this?

Thanks @Peppo62, that is the same as I saw last night. I am just wondering how long is soon?

Hope they will fix this problem soon!!

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Hope you get it sorted… my Roon Core on my Catalina upgraded iMac works perfectly… despite the warnings was the most seamless Mac OS upgrade yet. All my file mounts connected without issue, but I have set file mount authentication which might have helped.
FWIW I found the sound signature with Catalina slightly enhanced yielding a slightly more open top end on the Roon Core on lower sample rates … a pleasant bonus.

They rolled out an update for Android Q issues when that came out very quickly so imagine not long.

Apple has a habit of changing things that affect applications - E.g when they moved from El Capitan to Sierra they blocked the ability to bypass parts of the Apple Core Audio, stopping Audirvana running in its best “direct mode”. There is a work around, modifyiny the kernal, but for simplicity I have stuck with El Capitan - after all, as a dedicated music player I don’t need any new Apple bells and whistles.

Did you backup to Time Machine before installing Catalina? If so, you might consider restoring from that backup.

BTW I always wait a while before upgrading my OS. I have photo editing software installed and that seems to be Adobe’s advice for each recent OS upgrade.


Thanks @Simon-in-Suffolk and @Peppo62, hopefully Roon will be quick with a resolution. Still not working at the moment

Good advice @PeakMan, I will wait in future!
If a fix doesn’t seem likely then I will roll back from time machine.

PSA: Never upgrade to a new OS before it gets a point release update, if you have apps running that are critical to you. There are always annoying bugs in the first release.


I’m downloading and installing a Catalina update. I don’t know if it will fix your problem. Just try!!

Definitely good advice for any Apple update, even more than for Microsoft. IOS 13 has been a total bungle.


Definitely the worst advice that I have seen, and I have seen quite a few non-technical users are more or less saying the same bad thing,

MacOS Catalinia is the best MacOS release ever IMO.

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Really. You’re the expect, huh? Wanna put some meat behind your claim that I have the worst advice, or are you just in the silly camp of “it works for me so it must work for everyone.”

I’m also a big Apple/Mac fan, but I’m also a long-time software engineer, and I’m realistic about expectations and how software releases go. Apple often doesn’t get it right releasing a major OS upgrade to the wild for the first round. That’s why they almost always have point releases within the first month or so that never add features, but fix bugs and security holes. And iOS 13 has now had several bug-fix updates. In fact, my MacBook Pro pulled a Catalina supplemental update down today, and a point release is coming soon. But you won’t need it, right? Since Catalina is already The. Best. Ever.

Good for you that it works perfectly out of the gate, but that just plain isn’t true in general.

BTW: there’s a known bug in Catalina that can result in lost email data. That’s not just annoying, that is very significant. Of course, you won’t be affected right, so not to worry for you if you lost data that may be difficult or impossible to recover. Enjoy your Catalina bliss.

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This is a typical reaction of an angry man! Calm down, man.
I just do not like patronizing words, that is all.

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Dude, I didn’t patronize anyone. You attacked me. Own it!

OK, let’s call it quit.

I am pretty frustrated by the inaction from Roonlabs, and many stupid words came to defense Roon such as why you upgraded it, why you upgraded that, etc.

Remember we pay Roon the premium price and fairly speaking, we expect 1st class service from Roon, instead we attack Apple.

Now, as a life-time Roon subscriber, I am thinking of getting my money back from Roon.