MacOS Naim App

Does anyone know if there’s any plan to release a MacOS version of the Naim app?

The latest version of MacOS Catalina allows the “porting” of iOS/iPadOS Apps to run on the MacOS Desktop. Sometimes it can be as simple as ticking a box in xCode, but even with small development it may be possible.

Sonos have had desktop support for a long time and this could be a good opportunity for Naim to do the same :slight_smile:




I very much would love to have that. Really limits the flexibility as it is today. In general they’d need to step up a lot on the app side.


Would love to have the app on my MacBook.

I’m often using my laptop in my living room and it would be ideal to be able to control my system from there.


Being able to use my MacBook is one of the things I enjoy about using Roon, agree it would be a good improvement for the Naim app.


Me too – one reason I really like Roon is that I can both control playback from my Macbook, AND I can use the Macbook as an endpoint and listen to music on it (rare - but sometimes I just want to hear if an album is what I thought it was).


Would be great to see the app on the Mac, could also get rid of Linn Kazoo then.

As you say desperado if it’s pretty straight forward seems like a no brainer

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I’ve never managed to get Kazoo to work with my system (NDS, 52 + 135s, Plus UQ). Roon works well for the NDS via an Audiostore black box.

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Along time ago circa 2 years - Apple had planned to converge MacOS and iOS, but either that has stalled or is too far down the pipe. This would in theory mean that an iOS app could then natively be used on the desktop platform.


Instead of a myriad of separate apps, which would each come with their own bugs, why not a web interface?

Easy to expose via an app, so the majority of users won’t even realise, but accessible from any device.

Or, just open up/publish the API so people can build/design their own.


Try this

Substituting the IP address of your player


Interesting - I did not know that there was a little web interface running on my ND555. I’ve not tried to use it yet, and it’s quite rudimentary…but sure enough it’s there.

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That’s a useful addition to the old Asset control winows app.

I’ll try this when I get home. I hope it works for a SU.

Is this right?

It’s not working for me.

+1 for the mac app, but a full featured HTML5 web app that could be used on any browser would be even better. That would be a supper feature

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Wow, I had no idea! I’d found the web configuration page hitting the IP, but didn’t know this existed! How did you find out about this? I haven’t seen it in any documentation.

Unlike the app, there’s lots of options here that are not relevant for my ND5 XS2, such as analogue inputs and HDMI input akin to the Unitis. All these you can hide in settings in the web client, but they could be confusing for some. The native app only shows options relevant for my streamer.

So, I wonder what this has been developed for and who it’s aimed at…? Unless it’s used for testing in house.

That’s great. Didn’t know about it
Quite rudimentary, bit will definitely come in useful

I hate using my phone as an app controller for Naim. Every time I bring up the Naim app I have to wait for it to wake up and reconnect again. OTOH: I can run the Roon controller on my MacBook pro and it’s always there and ready for input when I want to use it.


When the Catalina update came out and there was mention of easily porting iPad apps to Macs, I emailed Naim asking if a MacOS app would be forthcoming.

This was the response;

‘Hi, thank you for your e-mail. We are aware of this feature in Catalina. Our app team have no information about support for this.

This would involve a lot of time in order to support this. So with limited software engineering capacity, it may be some time before this may happen.

Sorry not to be able to give you any more information.’

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