Mad head-fi plan

I’ve currently got a very unbalanced system and find myself mainly listening through my Sennheiser HD700’s.

So the mad plan is to swap the 252 and 300 (non-DR) for an NDX-2 and 3 shelves of Fraim to give NDX-2, Headline/Supercap (non-DR) as a system.

I’d keep the Uniti and move it over to the AV rack for family use.

Thoughts and other options?

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Second question first. It’s not so much a preference as a fact. I’ve hardly listened through the speakers for years because of domestic circumstances. I put a headline in a while ago and find that I am listening to much more music this way.

The unbalance is a superb middle to the system of 252/SC/300 but without matching quality of source, support or speakers. One area that is definitely sub optimal is the stacking of components on an old Soundstyle XS105 rack - simpifying the set-up and putting it on dedicated Fraim levels is appealing.

While you are there upgrade the cans as well:)

Possibly a thread in its own right for choice of cans!
Sennheiser HD800S is the obvious choice, but I’ve read that the bass is even leaner than the 700.

If you’re in the UK then perhaps a visit to somewhere like Hifi Lounge (post lockdown !) where you can demo various combinations of headphones and amps could be worthwhile. What sort of budget are you looking at for the complete setup ?

Hi-Fi Lounge are on my list to visit.
Budget is sale price of 252 and 300 (plus SuperCap2 [non-DR] if not keeping the Headline) needs to fund a quality streaming source (I’m absolutely loving Qobuz through the Uniti and Bubble UPnP Server) and anciliaries.

That’s good. At that budget level you’ve got the usual Chord offerings or could even stretch to something like the DCS Bartok.

Bartok + Utopia is a very Hi-Fi setup! Or Stellia for more intimate sessions.

Budget isn’t that big!
I need to get a good source as well as the headphone amplifier.

I already have a Headline (currently powered by a non-naim PSU) and a Supercap2 (currently powering the 252) so was thinking of that as the first port of call for the amplification.

i dont know about second hand prices but you got a quite setup

Bartok is a good streamer as well as a good headphone amp and with Utopia they are statemant leve headphone rig:)

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Is the Headline via the 252 or direct from the NDX2? The reason I ask, is that I was interested in doing this too, but from dealer feedback, and what I had read in various forums, the HL sounded better from a pre-amp rather than a direct connection…I have a 282/SC DR/ HL/ NAPSC currently.

I would be selling the 252 to finance the NDX2 - so directly into the Headline.

So having spent some more time researching options I’ve come up with a couple of more ideas.

Either the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge or Chord Hugo2 + 2Go would give me a pretty good streaming head-fi and leave a chunk of budget for some new headphones.

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I’ll be interested to hear your impressions. Don’t forget that if you are using a Din connection on the HL, you’ll either need to re-terminate to phono plugs instead of the Din, or get a converter to swap the pins around, since they-re are set for Tape out, not Line-out.

Thanks, I’ve looked at Flashback for the necessary adapters. Will need a SLIC to directly power the Headline from the Supercap too.

Phase One complete.
Uniti 1 playing directly into Headline powered by Supercap into Sennheiser HD 700’s.
Sounds very good!


Looking forward to getting along to the Hi-fi Lounge when Paul’s open again to test ND5 XS2 into this vs Chord Hugo 2 + 2go.
Possibly some other options too and then a variety of different cans.


Phase 2 - Replaced the Headline/Supercap with a Violectric V281.

I wasn’t expecting much of a step up at this point, with the Uniti 1 as source and HD 700’s being limiting factors.

I was wrong! The V281 is noticeable improvement even straight out of the box.
The bit that gripped me straight away without even seriously listening was the quality, texture and control in the bass.

Very happy! I can’t wait for the ND5 XS2 and Meze Empyrean’s to arrive.


That would give tha ability to travel with your entire hifi system and all your music!

Yep, it’s on the planned list.
Hugo 2 as a DAC for the ordered ND5 XS2 then 2Go to make it portable in time.
Have to save up again first though!