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The levitating platter turntable.

Listening experience anyone?


Hi Gianluigi!

I have seen one in Ljubljana HiFiShow two years ago. It played through soma PA speaker in mono.
I can say that it works. Since it was a prototype I cannot comment on sound quality.

IMHO the spindle that holds the platter is not fixed. It floats. The arm is fixed. It means that distance to the arm can change and introduce some wov or flutter, or both.

But it looks fantastic.

Thank you Hos!
The idea of no direct or belt drive (no motor, spindle, noise and speed issues) and the fact that the record is completely isolated from any other surface but the platter should make a winner of it. I hope someone will have the chance to listen to music on this turntable and report back!
I’m fascinated…

I have no personal interests in all this but here it is…

Unfortunately it’s just swapping one set of issues for another. It’s a great demonstration of magnetic levitation and it looks pretty, but as a way of accurately reading the information contained in the groove…

Do you think it will have a future?

Do you mean the turntable or the mag lev idea?

Regarding the turntable, it looks pretty cool, but that’s about as far as it goes for me. As James points out above, in engineering terms it completely ignores one of the prime principles of good LP replay, that of the requirement for a rigid loop between stylus and LP surface, via arm bearings, arm base, TT plinth, bearing and platter. The stylus has to accurately replay such tiny deflections in the groove, so any uncontrolled compliance between arm and platter is a complete non starter.

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Hi Richard!
I’m thinking about the idea in the turntale.

Put it this way - if you want a talking point and something to show off then the Mag lev is perfect. If you want the best from a vinyl collection then I’d look at conventional solutions. The Mag lev website is blocked at work but I suspect the powerful magnetic field limits cartridge choice too (definitely no MC !).

An interesting, but flawed concept :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You’re right. I was thinking about MCs cartridges as well…and i don’t really need an ornament to impress guests… Maybe someone someday will be able to make a real turntable of it!

From what I have seen on various video’s there is quite a lot of platter wobble which cant be good for the sound quality.



Is this for real? The demo video shows the platter wobbling all over the place! Absolutely no mention of how it sounds just numerous references to “this will impress your friends in your living room…”:rofl:

Yes its for real. You will notice that you will be hard pushed to find one actually playing music. On the Gadget show they did a demo playing music and platter wobble was bad and the sound had lots of mistracking, wow and flutter. I dont know why they have such a huge gap between the plinth and platter (apart from show). Magnetic Bearings for Centre Spindles and Arm bearings have been around for a while. I would also be concerned about either the cartridge getting magnetised or low frequency pulses being picked up by the cartridge and causing the bass cone to flap.


i read a review on that turntable in positive feedback magazine, by Robert Levi. He personally uses the ear yoshino disc platter turntable.
He was impressed by the sound for the price of this turntable. With a better arm, cart, etc…it seems to be not so bad at all.

positive feedback magazine ( free online) review

The way the ‘dude’ in the second video unboxes the contents, chucking items around is bad enough, but the way he moved the tonearm by grabbing made me wince.

As you say it seems to wobble like crazy.

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