Magnetic puck issue

I have a Nait CD5Si which the magnet from the transport has become detached and is now in the puck. I can replace the magnet in the transport which lasts sometimes for weeks, but now will not stay at all. I thought it was a friction fit but now assume it is glued in some way. Is this a simple glue back in or sent to Naim for repair?

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If Salisbury still has power and internet, perhaps @NeilS can advise here…

We had some flickering of the lights at the factory today, but nothing more exciting.

The magnet ring is indeed glued into the platter.
The magnet is brushed with Permabond CSA-NF activator, four evenly spaced drops of Permabond 947 are applied to the recess in the platter using a suitable applicator & the magnet is then offered up concentrically (we use a tool for this, but it should be easy enough to centre).
If you decide to give it a go, leave it a good few hours before placing the puck on - the magnetic attraction is pretty fierce & may undo all your good work if you are impatient!


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Thank you very much for the advice.the unit is about 9 years old so I guess may benefit from a service. I will enquire about getting this done through Audio T

If you do it through Audio T they will still need to order in the activator and glue. You can get the two things online for about £40 and it sounds really easy to do. CD players don’t really need servicing per se.

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