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Cut a long story short…we were on a 60a fuse and because we wanted a charging point for an e car… the house fuse has been upgraded to 80a. When the utilities guy went to change the fuse…he showed me the old fuse…I thought cripes those connection points look very dirty…so he showed me the new fuse…that looked pretty dirty too…so he let me clean up the contacts…in his words…as I handed it back " wow that looks better"… Well system on…and I am sure…there is more bass whallop…may be wishfull thinking…but I think not…bass also seems even more agile… Well chuffed…


This is a known thing with the whole mains upgrade. I had a 60A and upgraded to 100A polished both fuse and carrier, although the supply company guy thought I was mad. The difference sonically was very noticeable indeed.

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Best go and polish all the other fuses and breakers between your house and power station.
Unless faulty as in lossing volts, then no different, sorry.


I’m surprised they only went to 80 amps, my house has 100 amps, fitted from first built in 1978

Lots have 80 amps especially if older properties.
New homes are 100 amps and its been like that for a lot time now and going to be 3 faze very soon, due to the demand all these heat pumps and charging stations each house will need, so 3 x 100 amps.
Could be good as a dedicated faze just for the

This as the fuse that came out…the one that went in was really shiny and clean…

Good grief. If so, I give it three weeks before the endless arguments kick off about whether black, brown or grey sounds best. Then there’ll be the ones who swear the old red, blue and yellow sounded better and that ‘only an idiot’ would change to the new colours.


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Now that really is dedicated mains !

All this talk of polishing fuses made me think of that dude, no messing about!

Exactly - Go large or go home :flushed:

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