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Hi, I’ve just had my electrician fit me a new wall socket near my hifi which consists of 6mm cable on a separate breaker from the consumer unit. He has obviously fitted a standard switched double socket that I want to upgrade. Do people suggest I go for an MK deoxit socket for around £15 or go for a russ andrews deoxit socket for £32 or the mcru silver plated for £32? Or any other options? Thanks in advance

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A standard unswitched MK socket works well for me.


Russ Andrews have a 60-day returns policy, so you could get their spiffiest option and have plenty of time to A/B it against (say) the normal MK unswitched option that many here are happy with.



A standard MK will be absolutely fine. It’s a shame you didn’t ask the electrician to fit it at the same time, then you’d have saved £15.

He’s a friend so did me a good rate. I don’t think he had any unswitched on his van. It’s ok, I don’t mind buying one and swapping it… I was just confused over standard, deoxit, silver plated, gold plated etc. I wasn’t sure what was best to go for.

It’s power don’t worry.

Unswitched always better. One less link in the chain. My qualified electrician will only fit MK having had problems with “others”. If you go for a dedicated feed from the consumer unit choose 45 AMP, cooker cable, over 30 AMP.

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It may be quite rare for people to compare different types of mains socket as they are usually permanent once installed. Having said that, if there are several outlets at the wall, it may be possible to install different types of wall socket for comparison purposes.

As I didn’t have any of the sockets which you mentioned, I cannot offer any advice. I did install a Furutech GTX-D (R) NCF and the combined effect of this socket with good power cords is nothing short of breathtaking. Existing users of the Furutech UK version of unswitched socket have also reported a slight improvement in sound quality after upgrading from the standard switched sockets.

Good luck.

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Yes he’s fitted me the thicker cable. Thanks I’ll just go for the mk socket

I have a pair of unswitched MK’s. No Snake Oil involved. Just work… :sunglasses:

They have been swapped in, in several different houses so far…!!

Thanks, where would you get an all copper socket from? I’ve not seen any of these on my travels/searches. Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

Most are brass conductors as copper is too malleable, however furutech do a rhodium plated copper conductor…….try futureshop etc.

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My double unswitched MK Logic works perfectly well.
I opened up the shutters & gave it a squirt of DeOxit when I installed it.

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Fair enough but what are the socket and plug pins plated with at the component end? Is that any better?

And the brass connector back at the switch board

And and and

I am perplexed by this topic. Shielding from RF etc I get, but I don’t understand what benefit a switchless socket can offer. (Not that I’ve ever experienced a system connected via one.)

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