Mains they really have to be Naim?

Hi there!
I’m trying to get rid of that awful cable salad behind and underneath the hi-fi gears (I love my wife!). My solution would be to buy a Dynavox X7000 Power Filter, which is built as a Rack Gear, and to replace the original Naim cables (for CDX2 and Supernait2) with shorter ones of 40-50cm each. But then the First Naim-Commandment comes to my mind: “Use only the main leads and plugs supplied or the Naim PowerLine mains cable”. Is that really necessary?? I mean, I’m not really trying to improve the sound hear (at the moment I don’t have the money for), I’m only looking for a suitable optical solution which, of course, doesn’t ruin it either! What do you think about it? Thanks!!

Naim do not advise the use of mains filters. I don’t think cable shortening is advised either and I’m not sure how this will make anything look better. :thinking:

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Well, it would look better because one would see less cable mess behind the system. As far as the filter is concerned…you’re right, but why is that so? I already use a Dynavox plug socket filter and I never noticed a worsened sound. Sometimes I habe the feeling that Naim wants everybody to buy only their Products…even the cables :wink:
Finally, why would short cables, in your opinion, worsen the sound?

Well carry on with your plan and let us know how it goes.

Naim obviously want to sell their own products, it would be a poor business model to do otherwise :scream:

This was based on testing that Naim did do, however I would say that lots of people have had success, so it’s a matter of trying, and see

Naim cable length is supposed to be optimised, but I’m not convinced it makes a real difference especially with entry & midrange equipment.
I make my own cables & have sized them to fit without excess length & from the room they are not seen.

Power filters are not needed if your power supply is good, but as is often reported, some do have negative effects on SQ.

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The question is if even Naim supplied cables are supposed to be optimised or only the expensive, upgrade ones. To be honest, supplied cables look and feel exactly like any other Schuko Cable.
And about the Filter…how do you menage to plug all your units? Do you have so many plugs on the wall together?

I have an 8 way power supply board (I do not use them all). I made myself using MK 13A double sockets, no filter.

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Thanks! :+1:

If you want to tidy up Graham’s in London do their Hydra leads, very good and tidy.




When my dealer installed my last upgrade (NAP300DR,NDS and full Fraim) he also took with him a couple of nice,decent custom made mains cables of the correct length and a Vibex 8-way power supply box that has in inbuild filter. Works perfect! So fwiw,my answer would be no,use some shorter ones if you want to. All Naim power cables that came with all my Naim stuff are now where they belong,in the boxes they came in. :smiley: :wink:

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Wow…looks quite exclusive (…and expensive!) :scream:

Thank you SneakyPete! Do you use the built in filter or do you pass it by? Or better: have made a comparison between with and without?

I use the built in filter. But to be honest,it is my assumption there is one. There is a large empty space so I assumed there is a filter there. :grin:
See pic

Anyway,I have no problem with humming powersupplies or other sorts of interference so that’s good enough for me. But if there is one,no means to bypass it.

For comparison, one Naim Powerline costs I think, £599…?

My 4 way Grahams Hydra cost me, recently, £175…?

Clearly, its up to the individual to decide… :thinking:

Well, at the moment I can’t afford a Naim Powerline anyway! :joy: Apart from that…I can’t find Graham’s Hydra on their Website… :cry:

No, wait a minute! I found some infos and pics! :star_struck: How does it work? Do I have to contact them and ask for a custom made model?

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Yeah give them a call.

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Or drop them an email. Graham’s make Hydra’s to order. You need to tell them how many ‘ways’ you want/need.

They are very helpful… :slightly_smiling_face:

Its a very neat solution, IMO. The additional Fairy Dust is included…

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I use cables of an optimum length to fit the space, only as long as necessitated for sliding kit in/out etc. Many I have made up or modified myself over the years, doing that after I’ve settled on any changes to positioning, and I don’t believe there is the slightest difference in sound quality. But then I don’t presently have any Naim kit.