Mains they really have to be Naim?

When I upgraded the 272 from an XPSDR to a 555PS I already had a Hydra, and left the Powerline in the box thinking it would be a nice selling point - unused Powerline, still boxed; then a chance discussion on here led me to swap out the Hydra for the PL and a significant improvement.

Each to their own but throttling a decent power supply worth six grand to save a couple of hundred quid doesn’t seem the most sensible decision…


PowerLines are very easy to manage because they are so flexible. Just loosely coil them under the rack and fix them with velcro strips to keep them coiled and run of the right amount you need to reach each component. I used to do that and place the coils on a few Aeroflex pads to provide added isolation. None of it was visible.

A lot of messy cabling issues are hard to avoid without audible compromise but PowerLines are not one of them.

Of course you can use non Naim cables. But premade once are going to be a similar length. I think there are decent ones out there but all are thicker and in fact harder to manage than PowerLines regardless of length. I am very fond of the Furutech Empire. It is 1/3 the cost of a PL and is a great studio grade mains lead. But it is awful to work with. Like a heavy angry snake.

I really don’t see how the “length” of cables can effect the sound. Realistically you are only lengthening what is already there in the wall. As long as the gauge is what it should be.

I have however, heard first hand the degradation from a mains filter, even on cheap equipment. It seemed to rob it of transient attack probably by restricting current delivery and that is probably not great for naim equipment.

Cheap leads probably also have an element of restriction with crappy contacts and thin gauge wire. Something to consider. That’s probably why naim suggest their leads just in order to control these parameters and ensure the equipment has good contacts and gets the current it needs to perform.


Most powercables start at 1 metre, with additional lengths of X1 metres.
It has been known that some have bought a quality cable of +3 metres, chopped it up and added terminations. Although that is generally thought of as bad practice.
Sourcing a high quality cable off the reel and adding the terminations is what I would do, along with a quality unfiltered powerstrip.
1/2 a metre does seem very short.

Check out the
thread - very much recommended solution to instantly improve overall performance

Most high quality power cords are typically 6’ or 1.75m I suggest that anyone who hasn’t tried good cords reserve their opinion until they have. Naim’s stance on many things I believe are sometimes antiquated. Yes 30 years ago power line conditioners and filters did negatively affect SQ. We’ve come a long way from then. AudioQuest, Shunyata, PS Audio, Audience make great PLC that do not limit current. Again try one before offering an opinion.


I use good hand made cables from a local guy, in custom lengths; I just don’t tell anyone … Oops …


Are you talking about mains regenerators there?

Is the Musicline Powerigel still available?
They always had a good reputation.


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PS Audio does regeneration,

More (electrical) separation between components, perhaps? Too long and the losses outweigh the benefits.

Ok, guys, first of all thank you very much for your answers! I think I’ve been misunderstood here. I’m not looking for an upgrade like the wonderful but expensive Naim Power Supplies: as I already wrote I just can’t afford them!! (Good days are over, for the moment). I’m just wondering if I do any harm to the sound if I simply use shorter cables. I ask because I know that Naim products are quite picky and often don’t tolerate situations which are perfectly normal for the rest of the world.
By the way, I’m sure there is a difference between cables and cables…but I’d dare to say that those differences start making themself noticeable at a certain, very high level and price. Am I wrong?

A pinch of mythology I suspect.
Naim are no more intolerant of electrical cables than others, IME Naim are happy enough on most, but they do seem to respond more/better to cable changes than some other brands.


I think your right. Most cable companies will go on to say that any special character a power cable might impart to a device is strengthened by a longer tuned length - although they would say that I guess.
With a good high quality powercable that you can buy off the reel I suspect it will sound the same regardless of any length, but perhaps could differ from the quality of plugs and how it’s terminated.

You won’t do any harm. I have a 1m Audioquest Z3 on my 300DR which to my ears sound better than the Powerline. I do have a PL on my 555PSDR where I think it does sound better than other brands i’ve tested including Z3. I tried a 2m Z3 on same 300DR but couldn’t hear any differences. Go with whatever length and brand that sound great to your ears and fits your budget and enjoy the music :sunglasses: I believe it’s more about matching between components when it comes to hifi and cables than anything else. That’s why there’s no definite answer.

I used a Linn power cord once. The next day the Naim forum disappeared.


Ok, suppose I get one of Graham’s Naim Hydra, which I’m getting interested in, can I plug the final mains directly in the wall or is it better to use something before (non-filtered…as it seems)?

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I never “heard” Naim PowerLines in my system. Bought on faith. The first power cables I actually heard as an improvement are what I have now – Ansuz C2 level cables and distro block.

The Hydra goes directly into the wall - well, into a 13A socket… lols.

I live in Italy…any chance for an EU plug? :cry: Anyway, I already wrote them and ask that too :wink: