Mains Conditioner

Since last December I have been in possession of the UNITED NOVA connected with a power cable
AUDIOQUEST NRG-Y3 EU, I have placed side by side two speakers Kudos Cardea C20 connected with Naim NACA5 cables which I am largely satisfied with. However, I want to protect it by adding a network conditioner to ensure the current that often, in my neighborhood goes up and down and, at times, is cut off abruptly; but also to give the right tone and depth to my system. what do you recommend. Thanks waiting for your suggestion. I greet you cordially.

IsoTek Evo3 Sirius, Audioquest Niagara 1200? In both cases you can expand the information using the forum search engine.

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Is it preferable to connect it to a filtered or NOT filtered socket ??? I had identified two models 1) of the AUDIOQUEST POWERQUEST 2; or 2) OEHLBACH POWERSOCKET 908. whichever of two you recommend.

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