Mains extension blocks


Indeed, there is a lot to be said for listening to a good system in darkness… it can almost be spiritual


Watch Better Call Saul and you can learn Chuck’s room treatment methodology:

Note the “Coleman lantern” light used in lieu of electric lighting; no rfi/emi emission.


I tried an mcru Silver mains block and wasn’t impressed.

A bit more detail but it lost a lot of energy and pace, sounded a little boring.

I’m not sure the silver works well with Naim…


And what about EMF. Electromagnetic Frequencies that have a similar effect on us, as what’s under discussion effecting the music replay system.

This is an Orgonite Pendant worn as an Orgone generator to ward of harmful vibrations

Himalayan salt lamp in the corner of my room with all the lights turned off makes up for keeping the fridge, microwave and the central heating on for that 2%


Did you get that from Crystalgypsy?


Excellent - a fan of the late great Wilhelm Reich.


What if you have a hydra with, say, 3 leads and you only have 2 boxes?


Toby - if that’s your chest behind that Orgonite Pendant then you appear to be made of quartz!


It’s the perfect excuse to get another black box (preferably with a Naim logo).


Thanks Richard.
I do like your new job title: ‘Leader’.
That has a definitive ring to it!


Just buy loads more Naim boxes, apart from the SQ uplift, they will eliminate the need for lighting and heating.


That sounds a but like a ferrite choke, which might be relatively benign. I’m sure they’ll allow you a home demo.


They offer 30 day returns but as I need 2 to evaluate properly really which might be taking the P a bit really . MCRU are about half an our from my parents so I’ll try and stop by next time .


I tried the am radio test. In my listening room there was indeed interference from the laptop power supply. The Samsung TV downstairs was bad as was a LED strip light under a kitchen wall cabinet.

Surprisingly there was a lot of interference / noise from the NDS which I cannot understand as it doesn’t have an internal PS…


now look what you’ve done - given me an excuse to buy an AM Radio !! :grinning:


Go for it - the AM radio test works well and you can test match special on long wave


It’s just noise from the streamer / digital section Dave. It operates at high frequencies so like switching power supplies, it will generate ‘interference’ which an AM radio will pick up.


Indeed, and the new streamers have been redesigned to adopt LVDS (TIA/EIA - 644) so internal electronic switching and digital transmission noise is significantly reduced… another example of a key improvement with the latest streamers.


Got my FM/AM/SW Techsun radio out and had a listen to the house. My SMPSs all seem pretty quiet, the QNAP NAS is noisier than most. Didn’t try the phone chargers.

I also tried our LED light bulbs (standard B22 type) - sounds like the B&Q own brand (“Dial”) are quieter than most others we have, so it’s time for a replacment programme at Castle TallGuy.

Now I can stop fretting about it and get on with listening to the music :smile:


I made the mistake of pointing the radio at the cooker this morning! It has an induction hob, which I really like, but it hums whether or not it’s in use.