Mains interference?

Hi I’ve got an xs-2
Been hearing a v.nasty crackling thru speakers, intermittent, but regular enough…
Dealer said running WiFi thru mains can cause this, I’ve got mains block on his advice but not worked
Is àmp faulty do u think?
It’s under warranty but they want £250 is it? To take a look…
Any tips or advice greatly appreciated

Are you running power line Ethernet over mains adapters in your house ?

I assume by ‘wifi through the mains’ you mean homeplug. No homeplug as a medium won’t cause this. However it may have a slow network link via the homeplug and perhaps that’s causing issues with stuttering. Simple test of course, remove the homeplug link and run a long lan cable from the streamer to your router; just as a test to see if it helps.

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Yes mate

No stuttering not an issue
I have noise from my speakers
Powered by my naim xs-2
It sounds like an out of tune radio station, it’s very annoying, to distraction!

Ethernet over mains isn’t a good way of doing things. Is the crackling when playing music or when the amp is just idling. I’d try removing the adapters and seeing if the problem goes away

either way. First thing is take things back to basics and work forward. So simplify everything down as far as you can go. tbh it sounds like something iffy connection wise or a fault to me.

Welcome to the Naim forum, nice place & people

Can you confirm what your system consists of as you don’t mention what the streamer is, or why do you need “wifi thru mains”.
As said in other posts, these power-line adaptors are not something to have unless you’ve got no other option. Streaming is best over ethernet every time, wireless is good providing its set up correctly. However while its true power-line adaptors pollute the mains, ethernet & the local community, I’ve never heard them crackling as you describe.

I suspect its a bad connection, maybe one of the IC’s, maybe a speaker connection, maybe it is internal to the amp. You need to focus on identifying what is the cause/source by elimination. Can you swap over some cables, try pulling & re-fitting the cables. When does the crackling happen, when playing something & what is the source thats playing when it crackles, have you heard it when its not playing.

Finally if your dealer wants £250 to handle your warranty, get another dealer

Cheers I never mentioned streaming
It’s watching movies thru my arcam
But the crackling comes at weird times
Especially when all other equipment is turned off

Are you able to match the crackling up with various household appliances such as the motor kicking in on the refridgerator or the start of the next cycle phase of the washing machine or anything like that?

I’d also be most suspicious of the Ethernet over mains device - truly nasty things that solve one problem but cause a bunch of others and certainly the symptoms could match that, or pollutants from other appliances.

I would urge you to refrain from attempting shotgun solutions for various problems at this stage and focus on root cause. And then move onto solutions only after the cause is established.

the system is xs2, lp12, bw speakers. In the profile.

Watching movies is still streaming if it’s coming from a local or web source.
But cracking at weird times with all equipment off might sound like it could be the amp, but the amp is still connected to something, so the next question is if the amp has the connected items input buttons muted, if the source is off but it’s input is still open, it’s still connected.
Are all the input buttons set to off, also does it still crackle when the source cables are pulled?

Yes I know that, please don’t insult me.
The amp is a Nait XS2, & if the profile was a little more detailed it would be most useful. LP12 begs the question what is the phono stage, what interconnects, into what Nait input. Is anything else connected & not mentioned, B&W speakers, OK, but connected with what.

i was not sure you knew how to see a profile :ghost::partying_face::star_struck:

Hi yes I have everything unplugged bar one spare phono to phono hanging loose
I use only the av input for blu rays
As I say it makes the noise even when arcam amp off, can annoy wife when I’m out, I assumed this was common naim problem but obvs not
I’ve unplugged it from my system añd will set it up in spare room with cd player only and see if it’s stopped
I will have to take it in for repair if it’s still there, I need ethernet thru mains as three storey HSE with five kids

Good move, lets wait & see.

Set up and running nicely downstairs
Maybe mains upstairs badly wired?
4 double plugs and mains block up there
Only 2 double and mains block down here plus less gear…
Overkill really for TV and firestick lol but the Amazon HD music does sound impressive
Thnx chaps hopefully noise won’t happen and that’s it…

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Watched blu rays in analogue out
2.1 with sub
Definitely overkill but loving the sound quality from the naim
absolutely superb all-day and no mains crackiling so assume problem solved
Thnx for all your help

Urghh noise is back!
Louder than ever
Has no one else ever had this??
It’s within 5 yr warranty
Should dealer take it in for free?

Of course the dealer should take it in for free… it’s under warranty… First though I’d try it with just the amp speakers and cd player… and unplug the HomePlug completely, disconnect any and all modules in you house. Do you use any type on mains filter??