Mains Interference

Has anyone had experience of noise coming down the mains supply causing an 8 KHZ hum from the speakers ?

This was at its worst because the supply authority earth connection was PME (TNC-S)

The problem was cured by fitting rcbo’s and using a local earth electrode, I was amazed at the amount of interference caused simply by the fact the earth is combined with neutral

Can anyone explain why PME is so lousy where hifi amplifiers are concerned yet it disappears when fitting and earth stake

That’s not the case in my experience, I suspect the majority of forum readers are on PME, as I am, & don’t have such an issue.
I don’t have an answer but suspect its not because of PME.
2nd point is I would not call 8kHz a hum, its a mid/high pitched whistle
Most important, has your local earth electrode been professionally installed

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Yes I am TNC-S and no issues for me.

We are not talking about a Naim amplifier

But there is a big difference between the PME connection and using an earth electrode that has been expertly installed giving a reading under 200 ohms and an acceptable rcd trip time well under 40 ms

There is an obvious difference between the 2 as in this instance PME allows garbage to be fed down the mains onto my friends equipment, Something i have never encountered before

As an experienced electrical contractor i am well aware that an earth electrode can be fitted under certain conditions mainly when an rcd is used but not as substitute earth in older system that may have no rcd whatsoever which can be dangerous due to the high impedance

Like many of you i am on PME at my home with no problems however its is causing an obvious problem on this system

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