Mains tripping

Looks like @dayjay I’ve lost music from my Zenith (and TV sound) but possibly for a different reason. Mains RCD tripped whilst we had TV, washer and grill on. Drier was about to go on. Tripped several times since so have taken the TV and Sky Q out of the equation. Realised the washer is on a different circuit so it’s not that either. That leaves the hi-fi. Have just checked all connections, including the Powerline on my 200, and reset the RCD yet again minus the Hugo TT2 DAC and the Zenith. Latter is on my Musicline Powerigel with the 200,202, HC DR and NAPSC. TT2 has its own switched socket.

My guess would be the TT2, but it is a guess. It was obtained December 2020 so again I’m guessing it’s within guarantee. No dealer open today in the UK. Any clues as to what and why?

Oh no Mike, thats rotten luck. If you bought from Doug Brady though their after sales is superb

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I think the warranty is 3 years on the TT2 Mike, good luck with getting it fixed.

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202, 200, HC DR and NAPSC have been on and steady for a while now. Powered up the Sky Q and all is well. The drier is now back on and all looks good. Almost certainly looking at the TT2 or the Zenith being the culprits. Zenith seems less likely as it’s connected via the Powerigel as is the pre and its power supplies. TT2 has its own socket so I’m guessing it’s either the TT2 or the socket. Money currently on the TT2 though.

Twas indeed a Doug Brady purchase, albeit in odd circumstances i.e. purchased with my money for a friend who then passed and whose partner wanted nothing to do with hi-fi. So it’s mine and the guarantee is mine. A phone call 1st thing tomorrow then. Good to hear positive things about their after sales @glasnaim. I never really anticipated having to deal with them again.

Will try TV later. Would have been nice to have music on the Bank Holiday but I’ll survive.

Hi Mike it was @dayjay who has experience of Doug Brady, the dealer will route it back to Chord, at least that’s my experience, Chord were fairly quick with the amp I sent back.

Yes, sorry @dayjay. I’m guilty of somewhat distracted posting as we have a painter in; furniture blocking doors and much chaos. I think you’re right though @glasnaim. It’s well under guarantee. Can only hope they have something I can loan in the interim.

Oven, also on the same circuit, is now on with the drier and all is well so I think we have our culprit. Once tea is out of the way I’m going to put just the DAC back on without putting the Zenith on. If it trips everything once again then it’s a done deal.

Just waiting for the 1st person to wade in with “have you considered a separate radial”. Well yes but other priorities and all that. One day.

Just relieved that the Naim isn’t going to need repairing as I’m close to identifying my downsize integrated amp and making the leap away from Naim completely so it would have been unfortunate if I had to spend on the wrong thing at the wrong moment.

Mike – to clarify, when you say the Mains RCD ‘popped’, do you mean the earth leakage protection on the Consumer Board (which can protect several circuits) or just the dedicated circuit breaker in the Consumer Board?

Reason I ask is that, at face, things like the tumble drier and some other devices you mention would, ordinarily, be on other dedicated circuits on the Consumer Unit (CU) e.g. an electric oven must have its own circuit (unless it’s wired just for ignition – and even then one would expect it to be on a dedicated kitchen circuit).

If you have separate circuits on the CU, with one for say a garage(?), then I’d plug the TT2 in there and see if it trips the breaker for this alone.

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My electrical knowledge and eye sight is limited @HappyListener but Mrs. H. advises that it was the earth leakage protection which covers several circuits. Now food is done and the oven is off we’ve powered up the TV and that’s been fine for an hour so it’s looking like the DAC. Whether DAC or streamer both came via Doug Brady so it’s a call there either way tomorrow.

Unfortunately the only separate circuit is for lights so no way into that but thanks for the thought.

Good morning Mike, this may be a red herring but a number of people on the Innuos group reporting problems since the most recent update, Zen/Zeniths not responding.

Just checking… in your first post you said the grill was on when the rcd tripped; later you said you were using the oven. Was the grill on with subsequent trips? Have you tried the grill since?

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Agreeing with @AndyR here. I think the Oven & Grill are worth looking at again.

More likely - IMO - to have caused the trip… :thinking:

I’ll power mine up now and see if it trips anything. Thanks for the heads up.

Thanks chaps. Initial trip we had pretty much everything on the go. Subsequent trips we’ve had less and less and neither grill nor oven have been on when it’s tripped. Process of elimination brought me to the DAC. Today the Innuos streamer and Naim amplification have been on all day without issue even when the oven and rings were on for an hour. I then realised that although I’d powered the DAC down I’d neither turned it off at the wall nor unplugged it so the default red sample rate window was lit even if the DAC itself was not powered up.

Turned it off at the wall and unplugged. Sure enough, RCD tripped again.

This turned out to be an understatement. One quick call and they suggested the most likely culprit would not be the DAC but more likely the power supply which came with it. Within the hour they’d located a replacement and it’s coming via DPD tomorrow morning. If the replacement still sees the RCD trip then they’ll collect the DAC.

I then asked a question I ought to have asked at some point in the past 2 years. They sold me Chord Epic USB for streamer to DAC and RCA for DAC to pre. I only needed 1m of each but they had none so they sold me 2m of each (or so I thought) for the 1m price. Time to ask if they had any 1m and would be willing to swap that also. Absolutely no hesitation in doing so and that’ll be coming tomorrow morning also with me packing up both with the box and return label so DPD can take my stuff back with them. Very impressed and it was a delight to deal with them in the middle of a truly dreadful work day which has upended my next 2 weeks and made it even harder to get near a hi-fi store.

Of course having pulled the cables out I’ve discovered that the RCA is actually 1m not 2 and the digital cable is 1.5 not 2. Have fessed up to my apparent incompetence by late evening email and, provided they’ve sent the right items, I’ll honour the swap as I do need 1m of both. Interestingly both Mrs. H. and I recall being told we’d been given 2m runs of both.

It has been observed of course that the problem could be the socket itself. No obvious reason why it would suddenly develop an issue so I’ll stick with the process of elimination for now and try the new power supply first of all.


They are by far the best company i have dealt with for customer service, hope its your psu ans they sort it soon

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Excellent work, Mr Holmes… :grimacing: Logical & thorough.

And Doug Brady HiFi have done well. That - is the sort of service that we deserve… :grinning:

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RCD didn’t trip until you unplugged the power supply from the socket, even though you had already switched off the socket?

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Sounds like the wiring to that socket needs a bit of tightening to me.

Phase and neutral reversed? I think I’d be checking the wiring at this point - although it should go without saying that if in any doubt, don’t…

A possible further test - plug the power supply into a different socket, then switch off/unplug?

No idea exactly when it tripped. The boy alerted me to the fact the hoover wasn’t working - not exactly a trauma for a 17 year old - and the only thing it could be connected to was my spotting the DAC plugged in and switched on at the wall if not powered up. So, could have been when I turned it off or when I unplugged it.

Getting into sockets and tightening stuff is a non-starter with my vision. If the new power supply doesn’t fix and a DAC return doesn’t fix it then, yes, electrician time.

I’d be reasonably confident the first of the above wasn’t the case. DAC has been there for over 2 years with no issues and other things have been plugged in there for 20 years with no issues. The second one makes sense but all has been pulled out and is ready to go now when DPD arrive.

There’s also only so many times I want to trip the Naim kit. Could really do without a fuse going there.

So do I really need to power down pre and power just to connect the DAC to the 202?

I’m kind of reluctant to power down the Naim kit on the basis that there have been so many trips I’m testing the fuses to destruction and destruction isn’t what I’m aiming for right now.