Mains tripping

No. Make sure the volume is turned right down and another input is selected, while you plug the interconnect into the 202, then you will be fine.

Thanks @davidhendon. Too late :slight_smile:

All back live with the new Rina Sawayama album on Qobuz. Just a case of seeing if/when it now trips.

Fingers crossed. Thanks all. Just hope all goes equally as smoothly for @dayjay.


With the new, replacement Power Supply - for your Chord Hugo TT2 DAC…?


Yup, definitely with that and 2 new 1m Chord Epic cables. 24 hours in and nothing has tripped.

Interesting to note though just how warm the TT2 is getting. It’s always run warm and I understood that to be the norm but, should anything trip further, it may well indicate that the issue is the TT2 and I’m wondering just how warm it really ought to be. Hard to gauge when you have no comparator.

It’s well in guarantee and I’ve certainly confidence in Doug Brady after the speed and quality of that response.

Would be interested to know whether other TT2 openers keep theirs constantly on like their Naim or whether they power down.

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HI Mike great news and good dealer service, I keep my Dave/MScaler on, the Dave runs a bit warm as well.

Digital stuff tends to do that, I believe… :expressionless:

It is very warm on the top on both sides.

On the other hand I have music until I don’t and full confidence in the dealer from whom I accidentally acquired it.

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Is the power supply brick also hot?

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No, not at all.

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If it’s exactly the same supply, and it doesn’t seem stressed, then I I think it’s likely the TT2 is no warmer than it ever was - you’re just giving it more attention…

Glad everything is now working.


48 hours in. Lots of music. No issues. Not quite on sing yet as 2 new shorter cables to bed in also.

About to write a courtesy email to Doug Brady to thank them for the speed and accuracy of their intervention.

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Perhaps ask Doug Brady about the expected running temp of the DAC…??

Well I was utterly convinced my zenith was dead but Innuos dialled in today amd fixed it. Apparently a problem with the previous software update so if you are not on the latest update you really should be. Fabulous service again. Now that I can use my TT2 I will check the temperature this evening and see if mine is the same although I do use an after market ps on mine

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Well that’s great news @dayjay and another great piece of customer service.

Would be interested to know how warm your TT2 is. Mine is warm on top on both sides of the sample rate window. Mostly at the front of the TT2 and Warner on the right than left. To the best of my knowledge that has always been the case.

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After being on for half a day mine is cool on the left side, a little warm on the top and slightly warmer on the right side. Nothing that feels out of the ordinary though. Mine is on isolation pucks though that raises it a little and perhaps allows a lottle more air flow beneath

My email of thanks to Doug Brady may have been missed as I’ve had a voicemail asking me to give them a ring to confirm all is okay. I’m up in Scotland at present but come Tuesday I think I’ll make that call and discuss the warmth. Mine definitely sounds like it’s creating a bit more warmth than yours.

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More top quality service. Rang them from a cafe bar in Dundee (as you do) and they couldn’t immediately comment on TT2 warmth so decided to power theirs up and see what happens. Watch this space then.

In the meantime I may get to experience another highly rated dealer as it turns out my ex neighbour and I are both looking to down size and both looking at the same integrated, currently only sold at 3 locations in the UK.

What amp are you looking at Mike ?

Was looking at Decware but the one I fancied is deemed under powered for my Zu unless bi-amped. Latter approach defeats my intention of losing as many boxes and as much cable as possible.

Enleum AMP 23R. Been mentioned quietly a couple of times on here I recall. Fits my focus on downsizing and losing the cable spaghetti hell. Appears to be a much better match with my Zu. Already great reports of it with my Innuos/Chord combination.

Was hoping to make a detour from Dundee to Fife to get a listen to one but Mrs. H. wasn’t biting given that she’d driven Manchester to Dundee and today has driven Dundee to Cardiff for the Wales game in which I’m currently freezing a tad whilst typing this. Called home on the way. Nothing has tripped.

So, possibly a London or Hampshire trip. A home demo seems unlikely unless the distributor can bring geographically closer dealers on board.