Making a ND5XS sing



Nice post and very useful and interesting observations. I will come back to this thread later today when I get more time.

Very good post, I have gone a very similar route with my NDX 2.

I got the ndx 2 and then have gone from a cinamon cat cable to a vodka and then to a Diamond, then added an sbooster to the switch and then a audioquest Monsoon to the sboster, then the niagara 1200 came, and had at home some Audioquest tornados and Hurricane high current and source connected one hurricane to the niagara and a Hurricane source to the ndx 2. And every one of them gave an uplift on the NDX.

I use roon and also connected an audioquest tornado on the server and impressively the sound changed substantially.

The off the self power cable that comes with the ndx 2 is a normal cable sounds good but is not comparable with a better cable. A normal network cable is good enough but different network cables change or enhance the sound also and better tune the streamer to our taste, but power cables make the bigger difference.

In the end the sum of all parts can offer a greater uplift on the sound than the bare bone cables.

I still not tried an audiophile switch I am resisting to buy one for some time, and they are difficult to find in my country. But the sbooster made a big improvement my switch.

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The ND5 XS was my first streamer (my brother still has his). It is a wonderful sounding network player.

Good post. I can imagine this can be very helpful if you have - or are interested in - the ND5XS. :ok_hand:t2:

I think this is a ‘for sure’. I have yet to encounter any half decent audio component that doesn’t benefit from a better power cord. Which one is a different question obviously. On the ND5XS2, I compared the standard power cord with an NBS Dragonfy, the AQ Monsoon XTRM and Naim’s Power-Line. For me, the Power-Line was way above the rest and stayed.

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