Making the most of my new ethernet setup - Advice Please!

Aruba InstantOn is more robust IMO and the cloud based GUI is better thought out.

I switched from Ubiquity a few years ago after getting fed up with being an unwilling beta tester.

1 x AP 22 in use at home.

Interesting. I tried the google Nest system but the setup instructions were pretty much non-existent. Didn’t realize you could do that.

EDIT: Ah, I see it’s the “Pro” system, haven’t come across that yet.

I did, just now. The TPLink didn’t want to play nicely with the EE device and I lost internet connection over the whole network.

Never mind. You can’t expect too much of an ISP-supplied box that, to be fair, does very well at what it was intended for .

Factory reset of the TP and I’m back to where I started, which is fine for now while I research what hardware will do the whole job for me.

Thanks HH, this looks well worth exploring further -though I suspect I need something between the 4G unit and the rest of the network.

I’m confused as to why you are using wireless rather than hard wiring your audio components.

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