Manfred Eicher And ECM's amazing recordings

But yes, that mid 70s thing that happened in those Pangea and Agartha and Dark Magus era is a music I can’t ever imagine growing out of.

Those groups tapped into the roots of music, which is a bunch of people hitting sticks and skins together and blowing whistles and horns and dancing in a group.

None of this hi tech hifi stuff!

I understand perfectly that you like that kind of music. It’s nice and inspired. However I need more rythm, urgency, instant creativity, a bit of madness or originality…ECM is too much written, ordonnated, agenced, like classical music.
But I have however a dozen of ecm albums I like a lot, like first Metheny albums.
Recent ecm I like a lot: sonar and Nik Bartsch Ronin.

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What or who is sonar?

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Sonar are a Swiss band from Zurich lead by Stephan Thelen. They play music that has some similarities with Nik Bartsch. It’s highly structured jazz/avant rock - guitar led. They have done two albums recently with David Torn - another coming next year too. Try Vortex.

I saw them live last year and it was fabulous.

They are not on ECM.

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What I admire about you, Adrian, is not your ECMtology but the amount of live concerts you attend. You really don’t need any HiFi system…

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The recording quality is however superb. It’s very similar to Nik Bartsch Ronin which is on ECM. And one player is from ECM.
But yes, not ECM. Error of me.

No worries - thread drift to other great music is fine by me!

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Love the name of the Bartsch LP Holon.
It’s a Koestler term meaning that any object is made of other entities that Are its parts, and is included in other entities of which it is a part.

So things are not discrete. They are links or nodes in chains of being.

But - what an LP. Especially Modul 39_8


And module 45

Nik Bartsch is Buddhist zen artist. He qualifies also his music as « zen funk ».

I’m more or less a Buddhist.
But not part of a Sangha.
And as in Siddhartha by Hesse, a true Buddhist does not need Buddhism

Same for me Jim…

The nocturnes album also great

Thanks Michael
I will check it out.
Here is a list of his forthcoming gigs up to next summer:

In London the November 15. You live in GB Jim ?

yes, I saw that
My sister is staying with us that weekend and we’re going to an Erland Cooper gig here

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The more I listen to ecm bands the more I like the label.
Eich the door…
Marc Johnson Swept Away
Thomas Stanko various
Jakob Bro with Jon Christiansen
Peter Erskine
Nick Bartsch Ronin various LPs
Julia Hulsmann This is not America
Ralph Towner Piscean Dance :dancer:
Masson the deep
Iyer Break Stuff

To mention just a few…

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Peter erskine trio : As it was. +1 :+1:

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May I ask how you came to meet Manfred?