Manfred Eicher And ECM's amazing recordings

You are right that Universal distribute but they only distribute what they are given. Universal do not create any content.

Content is all done by a small “independent” ECM team who are less than a dozen in number including Manfred covering all aspects from album production, press, marketing to sales (including their warehouse staff). I do happen to know the team quite well and I’ve spent time with them at their office and it’s not big. Their focus is predominantly on releasing new material which seems to be why they did not release all back catalogue on CD. After a big digital catch-up (40 hi-res downloads) in their 50th anniversary year there are still 4/5 albums that have not had the digital treatment and maybe they never will…

Overall they have been very successful at punching above their size and are a successful label in the jazz and classical worlds and in recent years have been putting out some 40-50 albums a year - quite an achievement (although this year they are releasing fewer)…


Beautifully crisp and clear LP.
Songs stripped down to the essentials.


Interesting album, thanks!

And this tracks feels/sounds like a sunday morning in spring:


Beautiful album. I went to see them play this live in Munich last year - even better than the recording. The gig was broadcast live on German radio. Yonathan is a top guy.


I’ve been enjoying some of these recordings.

Have you listened to all of these concerts?


Many times. Some of my favourite Jarrett. Got three copies of the albums - vinyl, cd and the recent Japanese SACD ( limited to 900 copies).

An ECM classic. And at the time putting a 10 disc box of vinyl out of improvised solo piano was a big move.


What do you play SACDs on?

The sacd layer is a different more recent mastering and one day I will rip it. Otherwise I just wanted to own it…


Some upcoming ECM’s…and Anja and Francois named theirs after me :slight_smile: …I saw them play it in concert last year and it sure is beautiful music. Keith is the second concert to be released from his 2016 European Tour - he liked this show a lot. And the Elina Duni/Rob Luft outing should be special as they are truly wonderful musicians. Dino at aged 85 delivers a new solo recording.


Any idea when they’re going to be released.?I’m already drooling at the prospect of the Saluzzi…

I listened to a track from the Jarrett LP on Tidal this morning…

Hi, yes.

Anja Lechner/Francois Couturier Lontano - Oct 16
Keith Jarrett Budapest Concert - Oct 30
Dino Saluzzi Albores - Nov 6
Elina Duni/Rob Luft Lost Ships - Nov 13


I keep listening again and again to the Jarrett, Peacock, DeJohnette LP Inside Out.

Brilliant improvised music ranging across the landscape of jazz, played by all time masters of the art, who decided to open up and let it go that night.

It keeps growing and growing as I play it.


I was at one of the shows that make up this album. Was surprised when we did not get an evening of standards.

Yes, you mentioned that above.

That’s a nice surprise.

Ah did i! Actually it was a disappointment at the time…definitely least favourite of my standards trio concert outings…

Was disappointment the overall reaction of the crowd that night?

Or did the performance get a strong response?

Was that the first time those tracks were played in public??

Do you know whether they played the tracks from that LP often in concerts after that?

These are one-off improvised events - they make it up as they go along never to be repeated in concert.

As for audience response, Jarrett will always get an enthusiastic response so I can’t really remember the subtlety of reception that night. I remember the lecture on the “bass sounds different in the hall to how it will on record” from Keith.

As for personal experience I saw them the year before in Paris and that was mind blowingly beautiful - you can listen to that show as it was put out under the title “Whisper Not” and is one of Jarrett’s strongest trio releases. That was what I was hoping for more of at the time. Saw the trio a further 3 times after Inside Out and it was standards every time and always stunning.


Groovin High is a great track!


Thanks for the head’s up!

I’m enjoying all three of these:

Anja Lechner/Francois Couturier Lontano - Oct 16
Dino Saluzzi Albores - Nov 6
Elina Duni/Rob Luft Lost Ships - Nov 13

The last of the three a lovely surprise!