Manu Dibango RIP

Death of Manu Dibango, this is sad news, I was informed by a friend I trained with back in the late ‘70’s and early ‘80’s, that this chap has died from COVID-19. My friend tells of his experience:
“Its 1978 and a young Pete is finding LPs to borrow from the local library. One is by Manu Dibango… and that was one of my early forays into Afrobeat. Sadly Manu has just died (yes of coronavirus). I wondered why the jazz feeds were all suddenly posting this very funky tune, to dance around your kitchen to. Even if you don’t know the piece you’ll recognise the chunk Michael Jackson ripped off. Enjoy…”


That is sad news indeed.
RIP Manu. You swung, and how…

I didn’t notice the thread title when I clicked and for a moment thought it was the poster Manu who’d died.

Yes, very sad. I have seen him in concert once. A great jazz man, and always positive, with communicative energy.


Very sad. RIP

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